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Harmony (bitter_abyss) wrote,
@ 2002-11-14 23:52:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    The kiss that awoke the princess....
    Laura was moved from the ICU and into a regular room today...which is great because now I can get online from her (Although I won't do it while she's awake). I have been trying to reach her Mom the whole time she has been here with no luck. I don't understand why none of her other friends or family have been here for her, but its why I just can't leave. She's still so out of it and the doctors say she may need therapy to help bring some of her mental capacity back. Its really sad because she is such a bright vibrant person.

    On to other news...My love has her birthday coming up this Monday (I bet she thinks I forgot) I cant afford to get her anything though, and I'm not sure I should because I just got the last thing I mailed to her back today saying the address didn't exist. Im not sure what I should think about that...Did I write it down wrong? Or did she give me the wrong address (now watch her read this and go nutty on Well, I'm going to go down to the cafeteria and raid a couple of snack machines...midnight snack time ya know.

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