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Nikki (bisdeadsexy) wrote,
@ 2003-04-15 18:14:00
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    Current mood: nerdy
    Current music:kelly clarkson-miss independent

    hey yall
    well my day was gay as usual and brandon is being mean he doesnt like my journal he said its pointless aint he mean of course he is and jhoanna is mad at me again but w/e nothing i can do bout that and im really bored my little sister is being weird too she keeps dressing up like me it is driving me nuts jeez what the heck lol all well today i woke up soo late but im soo bored i wanna go back to sleep or something i cant wait on friday i get pemit im soo excited yuppie lol im gonna have so0o0 much fun lol then after i take the test my dad is gonna let me drive home soo that kool right right of course im right i really dont know what to talk to about !!!! nothing is good is going on but jen invited me to go to her sweet 16 bday and chris is gonna be there lol hells yes lol jk hes soo gay sometimes lol my friend told me today why do i like white boys lol im like it depends but i dont wanna get to personnal on people i like because really i dont know why incase they read this brandon thinks im a freak as it is soo it just add on to the freakiness right right lol tight work not no tight work but w/e spring break is really boring and that new song from kelly clarkson miss independent is really good ive been listening to it all day i like it i think its an awesome song and 50 cent new video 21 questions is soo kool 50 cent is kool lol and ahhhh im bored out of my mind there is absolutely nothing to do im serious lol "what happened to miss independent good bye to you ohhh " lol that song is soo kool well i g2g ttylz

    life moves pretty fast if you dont stop and look around every once in awhile you could miss it

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