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Biobecca (biobecca) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 12:40:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    Well, I was woken up but the loveliness next door playing some really shitty gospel music. Granted it's almost 11, but this is my day to sleep, do chores, and study. I really don't appreciate that shit. I've told them several times before that their music is too loud and that I can hear it through my walls. They are either really fucking dense or just damn stupid. I'm just so tired of the basic disrespect in this town. Michelle's got neighbors that smoke pot to the point that the smoke comes into her house and makes her sick. I've got a bunch of people who are evidently deaf and have turret's syndrome because all they ever do is run around yelling and playing their music a little to loud. I don't go running around in the hallways late at night making an insane amount of noise and the only time I play music really loudly is when I'm trying to drown out the other people. People proclaim to want respect but when it comes to respect others they have no time for that. I'll respect the girls on this hall when they respect me. I used to be nice about dealing with them. No more. We have just over a month until break and I can't put up with this shit. I have to sleep. Being a zombie by the time Friday comes isn't cool. Fuck.

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