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Biobecca (biobecca) wrote,
@ 2003-08-29 16:35:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Time Bomb - Rancid

    It's a time bomb
    Parking services or the town of muncie are going to get me some day. I hope it's later ratehr than sooner. I'm currently waiting for my friend to get down tiwth class so that we can go home. I can't wait for this fun little road trip. I went to my friend michelle's earlier and picked up my car which i had parked there a few days earlier. someone left me a note letting me know that i couldn't park there b/c i could be towed. no fucking shit. I brought my car back on campus and have it parked at the garage. it cost me two bucks. joy... lets ass rape the broke college students by taking any money they might possibly have. argh! I think I'm gonna go use my meal card here in a minute before it starts raining too much or something. i think tony is in my bio 111 class. I don't think it's him b/c he is not on teh class email list, but it looked just like him, and he kept looking back at me all during lab. I dunno... I don't think i's him. It's very improbable, and very stupid at the very least for me to think that it is him. I have really awesome lab partners though. two girls and a guy. the guys name is brian... what a funny little shithead. well i'm gonna go finish piling things up to go home. later...

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