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Biobecca (biobecca) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 14:47:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:Sum 41- In Too Deep

    There's a first time for everything
    I got drunk last week for the first time. As a science maor I know a little biut about why a pseron gets durnk. I don't really care. I like the feeling. When I'm drunk everything is funny. I don't just mean funny. I mean like rolling on the floor nearly in tears. I wasn't on the floor but only because I was on a couch. I shouldn't have gotten drunk when I did though. It was this a guy and he had a girlfriend. I don't think what we did was cheating but it was pretty damn close. We started playing a drinking game called kings. If you don't know what kings is you play with a deck of cards. each card has some rule assigned to it. For example, a two would be to take two shots or a Queen would be to remove an article or clothing. We made the kings be the remove an artice of clothing. I luckily didn't have to remove any of my clothes. The guy I was with got all the kings. No taking off my clothes! Yay! We ran out of beer,so we started talking. (if you played kings with hard liqour you'd probably get alcohol poisoning.) The guy I was with gets kinda horny when he's drunk. Point blank I'm stacked. My chest is huge, it's not surgically enhanced and makes me look tiny in comparison. I also have no ass so they aren't balanced out by my posterior side. I digress. He started asking me what size they were and things. I wouldn't tell him. He had a girlfriend and I didn't think I really needed to tell him what size bra I wear. I asked him why he was so fascinated by them. I mean... They're just breasts. It's like legs or noses. Every one has them, they're just all a little bit different. I was sitting there and i poked my chest and then my leg i was like... It's just flesh... nothing spectacular. In retrospect this wasn't the best idea, but I was pretty drunk... I took his hand and poked my breast and my leg adn was like "See, just flesh." I had my clothes on so don't go thinkin' I was getting undressed for him. I was still coherent enough to remember he had a girlfriend! I couldn't remember the ends of some of my sentences but I could remember something that important. He asked me if he could have a hug and I wanted to know if it was so he could cop a feel and he said yeah. I hugged him just cuz he was honest. Well, it was like 2:30 in the morning when I left. He wanted another hug so I did only this time he reached up and grabbed my breast. I have to admit I was a little bit shocked. I wasn't anticipating that. I turned to leave and he wanted another hug and I told him no. He asked if he could hug me from behind. My thought was "What could it hurt? He can't touch anything." I was wrong. He reached up and grabbed my breasts drawing me back towards him. I was caught up against him and couldn't get away very easy. I struggled to get to the door and he let me go. I was pretty freaked out when I left. I drove home and went to sleep. I feel horrible because he has a girlfriend and that I didn't have enough courage or willpower to not hug him and let him touch me. I guess that maybe a side effect of alcohol. I suspect i would have done it sober if I had been in the right mood. It's like I have two split personalities. I'm a pretty up tight person who tries to take care of others and make sure that thigns go smoothly. I have this "bad girl syndrome" as i have taken to calling it. Evey so often I just get overcome with the urge to misbehave and do things I normally wouldn't think of doing. I'll have to delve in the other me in another entry.

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