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Billy (billymartin__) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 22:16:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:reel big fish

    After a nice, long and much needed day off (which I spent inspecting the carpet on the bus), we're heading to Indianapolis on our tourbus tonight. Yes, sleeping on the tourbus is the BEST! I just LOVE getting flung around the bus after we hit a bump, with my whole hand landing in Paul's mouth! It's soothing. Theres your dose of Billy-sarcasm for the day.

    I haven't seen or spoken to my mom or sister in the longest time. Maybe I'll call 'em up tonight at 4AM, so they get tired and I won't have to talk as long. ::nods:: Oooh, Billy's so smart.

    At this point there's nothing at all to do. Theres 5 of us cramped on this stupid bus, and Chris just took one of his deadly shit's, so the windows are wide open, and it's freezing as fuck. Atleast, it is to me. I'm going to go see what Benji is doing. 'Later.

    Edit: Ok, so I sat here looking at my screen for a couple minutes, and I realized that I want to write more. Sue me, you don't have to read it.

    All my icons are so emo. Maybe next time I take a picture I'll smile, or try not to look like I want to kill the photographer. Oops, bad habit. But I sure as fuck won't do those little constipated faces that Benji does. And the "hurr look I'm a retard :B" face that Joel does. ...Paul doesn't really do anything, and Chris is never in the pictures. Lucky bitch.

    Wtf, I'm so fucking serious tonight. I wonder if it's something I ate. SUSHIIII. ...Maybe not. Wow. I talk alot when I'm bored. I could probably keep writing for hours and hours. I have a lot to talk about.

    ...Not really. Wow, now I don't know what the fuck to say. There IS something that I want to say, but I'll probably never say it, because I'd die if I ever said it, I don't really want to say it. I bet that confused the shit out of you. I hope it did. :)

    Oh darn. I think I'm really done now.

    Hi Kelly. :-[

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