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Billy Chong (billychong) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 19:03:00
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    Current mood: lethargic
    Current music:Rufused the shape of punk to come

    big fat chicks
    so i was wondering who this dark star person is then i forgot that i've done NOTHING all day and needed to study for my stupid organic test so i stopped thinking about it. i went to ATO's Heaven and Hell party yesturday. Some advice, dont ever go to a party directly from the library unless you by chance went to the library dressed like a slut to study. I saw everyone there and freaked out Hahn with my 'alternative lifestyle'. Bah, whatever. Anyways, it was weird. I think Drew was drunk and I saw phil there all naked (ok, half naked, but it cuaght me by surprise). I met Drew last week at teh Prism dance. I was having all sorts of fun and looking hot until I saw Ginger and some skank she was with. Ok, maybe I was a little jealous. It was stupid. It's not like I didn't go out with anyone after we broke up. So after the drag show I was a little mopey. Can you blame me? I kind of met Drew before at some ATO party. I think it was the Halloween one where I was groped by all those foriegn bastards (seriously, I really hate those assholes). ANyways, he's a nice guy (more than Patrick who blew me off last saturday--what a douche). The only problem was that we had this really interesting conversation and he kept spitting in my face/eyes/everywhere. Yeah, he was a little drunk. But what was i suppose to do? How do you say "hey man, you're spitting all over me" without ruining the conversation. It was just refreshing to meet someone who listens to the same music and wants to start a band too. School blows and I swear one day, I'm just gonna quit. Though Ive been thinking that I will take a year off and teach english in japan. I have to get out of here. OH, and whats up with big fat chicks being hoes?

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