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Kelly Gadberry (billyanddomsluv) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 23:10:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:TV

    Ok here goes, it has been a few days since I updated so forgive me!! I have just been so lazy lately LOL!!

    Ok anyway...on Weds. the 7th, I went and saw Dawn Of The Dead, it was an alright movie, but not too great!! Some pretty good gore scenes, but not much of a plot as most movies about Dead coming back to life are!!

    On Thurs. all went pretty good!! That night I went to my group and that was really good!! I had a pretty good night and don't mind being there since we are all pretty close!!

    On Fri. I went with Heather (naughtyaudi ) and we met up with bluepenguin and her friend to see Ella Enchanted and I must say that Heather is right Hugh Dancy is very hot esp. in that movie!! It was a really good day!! We also went to Arby's and got lunch. Thank you Heather for that!!

    On Sat. we had an Easter Egg Hunt for my nephews and sons, it was pretty crazy for awhile!! But they had a great time, then I went babysitting for my ex-sister-in-law. I had 6 kids including my sons. I was so glad when she came home since I was really really tired. I only got an hour of sleep on Fri. night. My oldest son stayed Sat. night.

    On Sun. I took the boys and we picked up Nathan and went to church. I forgot to set my alarm, so I didn't get up until 11. That is when church starts so we were just a little late!! I was so tired I guess. Then we came back and the boys got their Easter Baskets that they supposedly got from the Easter Bunny LOL. Anyway...I layed down and took a nap, was pretty tired. Then got up and watched Black Hawk Down. The guys in that movie are so hot. Am thinking of doing a website of the guys in that movie!! There are some hotties, like Hugh, Orlando, Josh, Eric Bana, Ewan, etc. my laundry done too!!

    Also, one last thing, I want to wish Hugo Weaving a very happy Late Birthday, which was on the 4th, can't believe I missed it!! OK bye all!! Hugs and Kisses!!

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