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Chelsea (bikinicrew224) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 18:51:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:silence

    a survey
    Funniest thing I've ever seen was...becky sneezing all over todd when he tried to kiss her, and me sick in bed w/ mono
    Stupidest Idea I've ever had pin a fake tail on a donkey.....
    Craziest thing I've ever tried was...kissing five guys at once on a dare- lol
    This turned out...i attempted it, i could only take on two at a time
    My favorite food is...watermelon or peanut butter and fluff
    My favorite drink is...sparkling lemonade
    My Favorite Band Is...the beach boys :-P matchbox 20, or the foo fighters
    My Favorite Song is..."surfin USA"- beach boys..right now @ least
    My Favorite TV show is...gilmore girls
    My favorite movie is...hard to say..
    My Favorite Drug is...i don't do drugs
    My Favorite Alcoholic Beverage is...i don't drink either
    My favorite sex Position about no- i don't have sex
    Ever meet a celebrity?: hehe yeah
    Who?: drew berrymore, cameron diaz and lucy liu, demi moore
    When I Met him/her/them... at the charlies angels premire
    Did you get their autograph/personal belonging?: yeah, on our charlies angels tank
    Where?: at the premire dork
    When did you meet them?: when the film came out
    Where did you meet them?: please don't stalk me....
    My worst hair style was...when i got a perm in 8th grade for semi
    My best hairstyle long now
    I Can't Stand...having an akward first date with a guy
    My g/f/bf is...single but i just broke up with my bf jack
    My TV Hero is...jack from will and grace..lolol
    I'm married to...jack, trish, bridget, and brad
    I've been married...a couple months here and there..oh plus the divorces lol
    The farthest base I've been to is...i only make out with guys..thats all people- ok?!
    Virgin?: yup
    Do you belive in getting back together with an ex:? *sigh* yeah..
    My favorite catch phrase is...if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again
    The Instrument I play is...nothing
    sing?: i was in chorus in 7th and 8th grade
    Stagefright?: a little before i go on, but other than that no
    Hospitalized?: yeah sort of
    For: i fractured my leg
    Been In love?: uh huh..
    How many times?: once
    With: .........with jack..........
    The Longest realtionship I've had is... 6 months with a break in between
    Do you belive in sex before marriage? if you really love one another have trust in eachother and know the person really well
    My best friend is...trish, bridget, becky, jack, cate, caitilin, jessie
    I can put full trust in...trish, bridge
    My favorite quote is..."where are thou Romeo?"-romeo and juliet
    If I could be...a saint
    I miss...the good times
    I think drugs...illegal ones suck
    I can't stand...when people use u
    I wish my name could be...chelsea
    My brother(s)/Sister(s) twin brother david/dave and my sister kate/katie
    How old?: dave-16 katie-17
    He/She is...katies like wonderwomen dave's my apperently "hott bitchin bro"
    I couldn't live without...friends! I L u!
    If the world ended today...i'd kiss people goodbye
    The Best inside joke I know is....shhh the ______ (flower) queens!!!!
    The meanest thing I've ever done is...cheated on my boyfriend

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