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Sean Wilson (bigsean03) wrote,
@ 2003-05-26 19:17:00
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    More Tedium
    Salutations readers,

    I'm Sean. I just graduated from Corbin High School, here in the thriving metropolis of Corbin, Kentucky. Oh, 'tis a lovely time of year. The sweet aroma of the swelling sewers wafts up to one's nose and makes one aware of the wealths one experiences in such a quaint little place. The yelling of the inbred slack jawed yokels peppers the silence created by the lack of traffic, socializing, or any other hint of activity within the city limits of sweet Corbin. The horse fly lands in the middle of my road, feasting on the mighty bounty of the rabbit I ran over on my way into my driveway in the Intrepid. Ah yes, the Intrepid. The marvelous piece of American manufacturing...with a Japanese Power Train. 'Tis sneaking up on my birthday. Oh, how I look forward to the gifts and companionship that I won't be receiving.

    I awoke today at the shining hour of 1:30 PM, and stepped out of bed directly on to a thumbtack which has left a little souvenier of the afternoon in my foot, via the form of a well developed wound that itches badly right now. I walked into the living room to find myself alone, just me and my mind again. I staggered over to the plaid couch that I despise and collapsed, only to find myself landing with the remote control somehow stood up laterally with the grander end sticking in my crotch. What a marvelous wake-up. I flipped over and turned on the TV. Ah, sports car racing. Lime Rock....I don't know where the hell that is. But the Trans-am series was racing there, so apparently the track is of fairly significant reknown. I was shocked to see that old, shaddow of his former self Paul Newman lowering himself into a car. That's right, he's 78, a sub par actor, and he's driving racecars on a national scale. That's alright, I'm in this abysmal paradise of Corbin Kentucky, where the sun's rarely seen and when it is, it's relentless...burning even the pakistani immigrants to a crisp in the midday assault.

    I took a bath, a custom I had foresaken for a bit, seeing as to how I wasn't going to school. It felt nice until Michael called while I was washing my crotch. Apparently not a good day for Sean's crotch. Anyway, he wanted me to go to walmart with him later today. That was not to be however, I had a far more important engagement to keep for later today. You see, I lost my driver's license in July. I am still yet to regain my driving today was practice day #1 for the test Wendesday.

    About 4, dad came by in the Intrepid. I entered and proceeded to drive to Williamsburg...I'll continue this in a moment, more important business must be attended to

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