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J e s s i c a a < 3 (biggiesize) wrote,
@ 2005-02-10 09:46:00
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    hey guys. nothing new is happened but 3 of my friends are sick...aww get better elias, murph, and johnny. nothing new is really happening except the fact that i hate my parents lol. i usually only hate my mom but this time its my dad. when my dad punished me they are so cruel lol. he wont even let me go to my junior prom. :-(

    umm samantha im really sorry about ur friend, dont worry she'll get better. get better kate!

    nothing exciting lately. we might go to the farrell dance on friday, if not then i dunno. haha.

    this year yet again im giving up ice cream. its been so hard in the past but this year it is going to be even worse, especially for the fact that i eat it twice as much now. im dieing for a milk shake. haha.

    study is so boring, and i actually did my homework last night so i have nothing really to do.

    we played football in gym, mrs. phillipps told me that i have a great arm. o yeah. me and allison were the starz. lmao. i wuv u kid!

    well im gonna go find something to do. later chickettes!

    <3 todd

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