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The BibleApologist (bibleapologist) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 10:42:00
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    Looking Beyond the Physical
    Genesis 45:6-8

    At this point Joseph has been in Egypt for quite sometime. He has seen everything from disownment by his brothers (Ch. 37:23-33) Slavery (Ch. 37:25-29) Seduction and Victimization (Ch. 39:6-23) to Famine and the downfall of Egypt (Ch. 41-50). However, when Jospeh reveals himself to his brothers, not only does he forgive them and remove the sin blocking their fellowship, but he thanks them for their tresspass. "God sent me before you to preserve your lives."

    Through all the hardship and trials which Joseph faced , he always stepped back and looked at the Big Picture. "God allowed Josephs brothers to do what they did, Potiphars wife to seduce him as she did, be placed into Egyptian he was, and the famine to sweep across the land as it did for what? Fellowship to be restored in Joesph's family.

    Four things took place for this restoration to occur:
    1. Joseph was stripped
    Jospeh was stripped of all his earthly possessions when he met his brothers at Dothan. Most of all his tunic which is father had made him. In this time Joseph had humbly submitted to his brothers and did not lash out.

    2. Joseph was Seperated
    Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites and from that time on became seperated from his family and all which he knew. Yet he did not ever complain or fret.

    3. Jospeh was Seduced
    Potiphars wife seduced Joseph but I like to see it as Satan seduced Joseph and used Potiphars wife as a tool. If I were satan and saw Joseph constantly completely relying on God in all things, I would be ticked.

    4 Jospeh was Supplied
    Jospeh needed to be Stripped, Seperated, and Seduced in order to be completely supplied by God and truly understand that God is in complete Control of all situations. He understood of course, but to everyone it made perfect sense in Chapter 45.

    The Challenge:
    How many times do we look past the physical upon the spiritual.

    NOTE: Realize that we live upon the earth. The earth is Satansm and the Heavens are the Lords. However, nothing upon the earth (even by Satan) can be done without the pre-approval of God Himself.

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