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The BibleApologist (bibleapologist) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 10:05:00
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    Journal Entry I wrote when I was 18
    Can you Be In Love on the First Date?

    No. It pains me to think people my age fall in love when they just meet someone. Of course you start to care about your significant other, but caring is just one aspect of love. Judas Iscariot one of Jesus' disciples cared about Jesus, yet he betrayed Him. Peter loved Jesus, yet He denied Him three times.

    Young people are tought "Love at first sight.," rather look at it as "Compassion at first sight," Too many people mistake the wrong things for love, and it is those misunderstandings that inevitably ruin close relationships. I am not saying relationships are wrong and that you shouldnt listen to your emotions, your emotions are a gift from God. However, your emotions were given to you for a specific reason. To understand love, will help many people understand that wherever they are they may have fallen there, but where they are is not in love.

    Look at what I am saying on this paper closely. Here's a better way to put it. Ninety percent of the time you meet a "Fine girl," or a "Hot guy," and you begin to "evolve" into the other persons' dream of a boyfriend or girlfriend. You say "I love you..." because most girls are looking for love from someone from the opposite sex. You see Satan has found our weakness... "Humanity" It is human to find a girls' sensitivity and use it to your advantage. It is human for a girl to give a guy what he wants so she can "feel loved." Feelings and emotions are good things, as I said before. IF you use them in a godly way. If you are using feelings to uplift yourself and degrade others or even if you are using feelings to uplift others and degrade yourself you are misusing the feelings which God gave you.

    You say you love the other person, but when you lay her or him, you take something that belongs to that person's husband or wife. In a sense a raping of sorts takes place. Not necessarly the one you slept with either, but that persons future spouse. What do you think God means when he says "the two will become one flesh." God wasnt joking.

    If you say you love your girlfriend or boyfriend and sleep with him or her you do not truly love them, you are using them for the moment. Using them to fulfill a selfish innate desire that will be gone when you are satisfied. What happens when it is over? Do you still love him or her, do you treat them with the same love and passion you used to get what you wanted? Or did you merely use feelings and emotions to get through your girlfriends or boyfriends defenses so you could merely get what you want...


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