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Betty Bondage (betty_bondage) wrote,
@ 2004-12-30 13:49:00
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    Current music:My chemical romance: I never told you what I do for a living

    I want you but I hate you
    I can not believe you ditched me again for some stupid reason like your girlfriend. I dont give a damn about her. I had you first. You were mine and you just walked away from me. This is the last time you fucking asshole, I hate you and I miss you close to me. Are you falling in love with me, is that why you are afraid of me, are you getting too attached to me, is that why you walk away from me. Its just sex that brought us together. And you love me.. dont you.. I kn0w it.

    You dont have to say it

    I know you love me

    And thats why I hate you so much
    You ruined everything
    It was never meant to be this way
    we are not lovers

    I dont love you

    But I miss you
    please come and fuck me.. again.. one more time..I want you but remember that I hate you, I want you but remember that I hate you ,I want you but remember that I hate you .. I hate you.. I loath you.. I hate you..

    take me
    And dont ever wipe off my lipstick


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