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bestcbstore (bestcbstore) wrote,
@ 2012-08-07 00:07:00
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    Run Faster Method - Speed Training Program


    Faster Method - Speed Training Program

    Adam Kessler's Run
    Faster Method

    Discover the proven system that will finally
    get you faster than your competition...unless they are already using it.

    What is included?

    An easy to read e-book and unlimited online access to instructional
    videos detailing speed drills, strength training, and nutrition proven to improve
    your speed.

    Get started today!

    For a limited time only, the Run Faster Method is available for
    a low one-time payment of $37! Purchase
    now and get instant access!

    Here I am smiling big. I'm in the yellow shirt.

    The Importance of Speed Training

    From: Adam E. Kessler

    Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc.

    I've watched a lot of games in my lifetime from all different
    sports. You have scouted the opposition and spent late hours trying to gameplan
    a strategy to stop this team because they have one weapon that you don't..speed.
    Unfortunately, that is tough to practice for because you don't have the speed
    on your practice squad to even illustrate that to your team.

    Then when the game comes, you see it live for the first time and it is the
    thing that beats you. You try to develop certain plays or schemes, but in the
    end it is all for naught because their speed just blew those plays right up.
    It doesn't matter what the sport is, speed is the ultimate weapon:

    • Your football team is playing the running back with speed you have never
      witnessed before. You try to tell your guys to take the angles, but the guy
      is so fast he beats them to the spot every time and all you are watching is
      the back of his uniform all night.

    • You watch that one forward in soccer who swoops in and steals the ball,
      then beats the defenders down the field before anything can be done and she
      has a point blank kick at the goal. Your goalie can only stop so many of those

    • The guy at the plate is fast. Real fast. He hits a dribbler down to third
      and your third baseman rushes the throw because the guy is travelling down
      the line quickly. Now the guy is on first and threatening to steal. Your pitcher
      can't worry about the batter because he is too focused on the runner, throws
      a lemon for a pitch, and now the guy is rounding towards home off of the hit
      your pitcher just gave up.

    • Your tennis game is good, but you aren't the fleetest of foot. You are
      playing a player who technically isn't as good as you, but boy is she fast.
      She is tracking down all your balls and you have to have to hit constant winners
      just to get points. Pretty soon, you are wearing down, your mechanics are
      faltering, and those winners are now mishits. Next thing you know, she wins.

    All because these athletes have true speed.

    These are only a few of the many examples you could come up with to explain
    why you need to have real speed and quickness. And it applies to every sport.

    I know you coaches are trying to find the answer to getting your athletes faster.
    Just about every coach I know has some type of speed dvd that they have purchased.
    They apply some of the drills and if they see just a few kids getting faster
    than they think it is working. Really, all those drills start to transition
    into is a conditioning exercise. Most kids will not get faster with this philosophy.

    Or worse yet, some coaches just don't believe speed can be improved. They stick
    with some of their old school methods for training, practicing, whatever it
    may be and roll with it. Those coaches will only be successful if their athletes
    are already fast. They will never be able to get some of their slower athletes
    faster, thus they won't be able to compete.

    Well, athletes can become faster and sometimes those drills from the speed
    dvd a coach purchased actually do work. Unfortunately, if that coach has not
    been taught how to use that drill properly, it is ineffective.

    When I say athletes can become faster, I'm not talking that each person can
    become the next sprint champion. What I am saying is that each and every athlete
    can become faster than what they currently are now. By applying the proper training
    methods, a coach can get good use out of a speed program and start developing
    the kind of enviable speed desired by other coaches.

    Look at some of the comments from coaches about my speed program:

    "Our state championship football team was built for speed. Yeah, we had fast
    guys naturally, but it was the speed developed from the other guys that surprised
    the coaches and myself. I would definitely recommend this Speed and Strength
    training program to anyone who needs to get their team to that next level.
    " - Jim Collis, coach of the 2003 State Champion Columbus Academy
    football team.

    "Thanks to Adam we've seen very good players become all-district, All-Ohio
    and even NSCAA All-American! Adam and his staff do an incredibly thorough,
    dedicated and dynamic job with the athletes they help develop." - Scott
    Dempsey, head coach of the 2009 State Champion Bexley girls soccer team.

    "Monica REALLY benefited from the PROGRAM, she is 75% more flexible, runs
    better, faster etc. Her running style is MUCH better, even when she tires
    the form is good." - Dave Gustin, head boys basketball coach at Bexley
    talking about his daughter.

    "This was the most prepared our girls have been at the beginning of practice
    in October. Adam Kessler was very professional and challenged our girls to
    reach their optimum potential." - Dave Butcher, head girls basketball
    coach at Pickerington North and owner of 6 state titles.

    The other misnomer out there is that speed isn't everything. If you have heart,
    desire, and willing to put in the work, you can make it to the next level whatever
    that next level may be. High school, college, pros.

    The stories that we here about the athlete that is slow, but has the heart
    of a lion making it, are slimmer and slimmer the higher up you go. Those are
    nice stories, a lot of people cling to them, but they usually aren't the case.

    My brother attended an open tryout for a major league baseball team. A bunch
    of people of all ages were there to try and fulfill their hopes and dreams.
    Do you know the first thing they did at this tryout?

    They ran a 60 yard dash.

    Anyone who didn't run below a certain time was told to leave. My brother made
    it and then was allowed to hit 5 pitches and throw from centerfield to home
    plate. Then the tryout was over.

    At high school football camps, they put you through all sorts of drills. The
    one drill they pay special attention to is the 40 yard dash. If you want hopes
    of playing big time college football, you better run a fast 40 for your position.
    There are all sorts of cases where kids weren't on a college's radar, then all
    of a sudden they run a fast 40 and they are offered a scholarship right then
    and there from the college.

    That is how Erik Haw wound up at Ohio State. His junior year, he was going
    unnoticed by a lot of colleges until he ran a 4.21 at a football camp. Then
    every major college went after him and he eventually got a scholarship at OSU.
    He ended up leaving after a few years, but that isn't the point. Pure speed
    got him that scholarship!

    About the Run Faster Method

    Running Faster Can Be Taught

    The question is if people can get faster, then how do we get them faster. So
    after talking with many coaches and tweaking the program with all sorts of athletes,
    I have put together a speed program that will get athletes faster not some of
    the time, but all of the time.

    I call it the Run Faster Method and with it you'll Discover:

    • Training sessions that are focused on quality not quantity.

    • A clear understanding on how each speed drill is utilized with minimal

    • A training progression that is spelled out for you exactly.

    • Training plans that are for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes
      and how to determine which level you are.

    • Written descriptions for each exercise plus accompanying video so you can
      learn how to do each drill properly.

    The Run Faster Method is easy to follow and easy to start doing. You know
    all that hard work and desire I said won't get you anything if you are still
    slow. Well, if you have that and apply it to this speed program, then you will
    be faster. I guarantee it!

    If you don't have that then don't bother investing in this program. Continue
    to do what you have been doing which is getting you nowhere. Or, spend countless
    hours researching how speed can be developed and what you need to do to achieve

    What I'm saying is, I have done the research. I have spent the countless hours
    implementing my Run Faster Method. Constantly adapting, researching, tweaking,
    until I got it just right. I have invested the thousands of dollars going to
    seminars, buying the research journals, watching the videos, to get the Run
    Faster Method where it needs to be. A simple program that when applied will
    get you faster.

    Exactly Why Should You Listen To Me

    My name is Adam Kessler and I've been involved in athletics the majority of
    my life. In one phase as a player and another phase as a strength and speed
    coach. Nowadays, I drop the "strength" in that title (because strength training
    is implied if you want to get faster) and now consider myself, just a speed
    coach. Here are a few of my highlights:

    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National
      Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

    • USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

    • The Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Columbus Academy High School
      in 2003 when the football team won the state title and the baseball team was
      state runner-up

    • After stellar high school careers, has had over 50 athletes play major
      college sports (including football, basketball, baseball, field hockey, soccer,
      softball, and lacrosse to name a few)

    • Expert Author at

      Here's what some others have to say about Adam and the Run Faster Method:

      "Thanks to Adam's training and advice, I was able to accomplish my personal
      goals. My overall strength has increased and my running form has dramatically
      improve." - Claire Chapman, former Kenyon University field hockey
      player and 2010 NCAC Defensive Player of the Year.

      "Adam and his program really helped me accomplish some of the things I
      was wanting to do. I feel much stronger and agile thanks to him." - Nathan
      Linhart, former University of Akron basketball player.

      "Working with Adam helped me gain a lot of speed and agility. I also got
      a huge boost in confidence by putting in the extra work to get faster and
      in better shape."- Jake Shepherd, former Defiance College football

      "My three children started training with Adam and all played high school
      basketball and ran track. We wanted to improve their speed and agility and
      endurance for each sport. They were all pleased with how they progressed
      in each sport as well as being more confident in themselves and their abilities."
      - Lavita Stokes, mother of two athletes who played collegiate basketball.

      "After my freshman year of playing lacrosse for Penn I decided I really
      needed to increase my speed if I wanted to be an integral player my sophomore
      year. I worked with Adam to get faster, specifically on my form and building
      strength in the smaller muscles in my legs that are so important for sprinting.
      When it came time for our pre-season run test, I passed on the first try,
      easily making all of my times... a dramatic change from the previous year."
      - Blair Soden, former University of Pennsylvania lacrosse player.

    Watch this Youtube video
    of one of our athletes.
    You will notice his leg stride before, then after
    working in our program. He has a more natural, longer stride length. Thus, we
    made him faster. Even if he kept the same stride rate (how fast his legs are
    moving), but lengthened his stride a few inches, those inches add up and get
    him from point A to point B a lot faster.

    What is Included

    In order to make this the most effective speed training program out there
    we included all of these speed areas to make your athlete the fastest and quickest
    individual he/she can be.

    1. Dynamic Warm-Up - For these speed drills to be effective, you need to be
    properly warmed-up. The blood must be flowing through the muscles to allow the
    muscles to move the proper range of motion for the drills. These drills will
    get the body prepared for the workout that you will be performing.

    2. Form Drills - One of the keys to this program. I have isolated all the movements
    of running and attached them to a variety of form drills that are very common
    for speed coaches, but foreign to your everyday athlete. Doing these drills
    on a repeated basis will improve the athlete's mechanics which will in turn
    make the power and speed drills that much more effective.

    3. Acceleration Drills - There are certain drills out there that really improve
    your acceleration and I've added them to this program. Let's face it acceleration
    is key in almost every sport. Call it the first step, whatever, doing these
    drills alone will help a lot of athletes get quicker in their sports that require
    them to run from 0-60 in 10 yard sprints.

    4. Plyometrics - A lot of people do plyometrics, but most don't know how to
    apply them properly. The plyometrics your athlete will do is age-appropriate
    and appropriate for where they are in the program. Don't get too worked up about
    this though, because kids jump around all the time on the playground. We're
    just making them jump around here to get them faster.

    5. Explosiveness Drills - I didn't know what to call these, but essentially
    these are the drills that will really develop the power and speed in an athlete.
    Different resistance and assistance drills that make the difference between
    you making an improvement or an AWESOME improvement.

    6. Agility-Quickness Drills - Now that you have improved your mechanics and
    your top-end speed, you need to apply that to your agility. Doing these drills
    with your new found form and speed will really help you transition to game type

    7. Strength Training - We have provided a workout plan that you can follow.
    We have two plans for two different age groups. A strong athlete is a fast athlete.
    If you are already doing a strength training program, great! Take a look at
    ours and make sure you are covering everything we are doing to get you fast.
    If not, then here you go!

    8. Nutrition - Eating the right foods will not only help you get faster, but
    it will keep you be energized so you can be fast for a longer duration of time.
    We discuss with you proper nutrition, what to eat before or after meals, supplements,
    and what you need to eat to be a healthy athlete.

    9. Flexibility - This is important. You need to have the proper range of motion
    to be able to sprint fast, so flexibility training is key. It can also help
    prevent injuries by making sure your body isn't as tight as a drum. Getting
    flexible is easier than you think, you just have to be consistent with it.

    All these areas are covered by a 130 page manual you will receive, plus videos
    concerning all your exercises so you know exactly how to do each drill. Upon
    your purchase of the Run Faster Method, you will receive instant access to the
    manual in pdf form and videos, so you can start getting faster today.

    Now, you could easily get all this information on your own. I've spent thousands
    of dollars investing in this research. Between seminars, conferences, travel
    to and from, periodicals, and my own work with athletes, you can create the
    exact same program.


    You could save a lot of money and time by investing in the Run Faster Method
    where everything has been laid out for you. All you have to do is implement
    it and then focus on what you do best, coaching your team. Or if you're an athlete,
    just do it!

    My normal athletes that work with me, 2 or 3 times a week, for over the span
    of close to 10 weeks, can pay upwards towards $1000 training with me. That is
    a sizeable investment, but my clients will get a sizeable return. You can get
    that exact same return. I've laid out my whole plan for you.

    Plus, I've added the workout charts.

    And the nutritional information to keep your athlete fueled.

    And the strength training plan you can utilize to enhance the training.

    And the manual to understand your progression.

    And the instructional videos so you know exactly what you need to do.

    All that could easily be worth $200. I would get people who would pay it and
    be completely satisfied with that because the program is worth it. But, I didn't
    want to do that.

    I wanted to start off at a price point that most people could afford, no ifs,
    ands, or buts about it. So, you will get all of this, the speed program, manual,
    videos, nutritional information, strength program, for the low investment of

    I think you will be completely satisfied with the program and for such a small
    investment, isn't it worth it just to take a chance.

    Take advantage of this offer today because before long I will definitely be
    raising the price, but I wanted as many people to try it as possible, thus the
    low offer.

    Click the link to process your order and upon completion you will have instant
    access to everything that I mentioned. I know you will be happy with your investment.
    Let us know how it goes, by using the contact form. We'd love to hear about
    your results.

    here to order.

    Once you have completed your purchase, you will be taken to a page to establish
    a username and password so that you can have access to all the information for
    LIFE. In case you happen to lose it, your computer crashes, you will ALWAYS
    be able to have access to this site to view all the videos plus e-book.

    I feel it is worth $37 and more. And it will be..once I have 100 purchases.
    At my 100 purchase, I will be increasing the price and you might lose out on
    a great savings for all this information to get you to run faster. So, you have
    some time because I have just launched the e-book. How much time, I do not know.
    So if this is something you are even halfway considering, get it today.

    here to get the Run Faster Method and start running faster today.

    Try the Run Faster Method for 60 Days

    With a No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    so sure that you will enjoy the Run Faster Method that I want
    you to try it for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk so you can see for
    yourself how much faster you will get. You are completely protected by our 100%
    money back guarantee.

    I want you to be as amazed and excited as other athletes that I have helped
    before get faster. But, if you are not satisfied, you can simply email me and
    ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

    In fact, if you are not completely happy for any reason, then I insist you
    ask for a refund.

    Stop Wasting Time On Ineffective Products And Get On
    Board With A Proven Speed Program

    I have helped lots of athletes locally, in Columbus, Ohio, at my facility and
    now I want to branch out and help you, wherever you may live. This program is
    the real deal. You can get faster and I have the proven way of doing it. What
    have you got to lose? Try this speed program and if you don't like it, it is
    yours FREE. All you have to do to order is click the link below and it is yours

    here order - only $37 to get started towards improving your speed today.


    Adam E. Kessler, CSCS, USAW Sport Performance Coach

    Author, Run Faster Method

    NOTE: The Run Faster Method is a completely downloadable series
    of e-manuals and video files. No physical products will be shipped. After you
    order, you'll get INSTANT MEMBERSHIP to access the e-manuals and all the videos.
    This membership is access for life. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists,
    etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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