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bestcbstore (bestcbstore) wrote,
@ 2012-08-03 22:57:00
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    I am honestly in awe at how great it is


    am honestly in awe at how great it is

    "The Secrets of NLP's Meta Model,
    Milton Model & Mind Line Patterns Uncovered..."

    From: P A Jerome - NLP Trainer

    In this report I'm going to show you How you can learn about, and practice:
    the skills of NLP and Hypnosis; whilst you're still sitting at home playing
    with your computer...

    And outrageous as that may sound; I'll be showing you exactly how you can be
    doing things like...

    Cause a shift to a person's internal state
    and so make people feel good about themselves

    Giving a positive experience to another human being...for
    the sake of being human

    Have a clear idea of what you want and how your going to get

    Identify how a person forms their own reality and what you
    can do to help them change

    Help a person change their beliefs and so transform their
    problems forever

    So get set for an illuminating ride, because if any of these ideas interest
    you, then I know you'll be excited with what I have to show you...

    And Here's why:

    There's A Big Problem with Learning NLP

    When I first started buying NLP books some twenty five years ago, I was so
    excited: Here were these two guys who were setting the world on fire with their
    ideas. I loved it. I wanted to do the same, so I bought every NLP book I could
    lay my hands on;

    But even though I understood the ideas, and could talk for hours about the
    subject, I still couldn't do it. Not like my two "Hero's" could. So I kept buying
    the books...

    To get a real benefit from NLP takes Practice!

    In the end, I got frustrated with my lack of progress, and finally realized
    I'd have to go on an NLP training course:

    I booked in for a Two Day Introduction to NLP...

    And although a little nervous when it started,

    The fact is; it was fantastic...

    I learnt so much in such a short time, and I was doing NLP!!!

    But most NLP Courses don't give you enough...

    It wasn't long after completing my two-day intro I realized that I didn't
    have the confidence to use the skills in the same way we used them in the training

    The fact is I didn't have enough time to get really good at using NLP...

    But now 22 years on: I know for myself as a training provider, the design
    of NLP training courses, even 25 day long courses, simply doesn't have enough
    time to practice all of the NLP skills up to the level of expert:

    And believe it or not, some people find it difficult
    to practice NLP on their own...

    The Conclusion I drew from my own experience was that: The books are fascinating
    but they don't give you any practice, and even the great NLP videos, which are
    captivating to watch, still don't give you the practice you need...

    And so I put together a Solution!!!

    After returning back to work, after a week of master practitioner training,
    I had the inspiration to create a prototype 'practice tool' using my computer:

    on the same key principles that make NLP effective, I reasoned that my practice
    tool could be an effective alternative -

    I copied the same structure as the exercises used by many NLP training organizations,
    and created an interactive environment for practicing the NLP skills that I
    wanted to practice...

    Making it simple to learn

    By simulating a training room, a trainee gets to interact with a virtual trainer
    and a virtual client...

    In this 3D world it isn't like learning from a computer at all. You get drawn

    After my initial success, I rewrote the software to make it more effective,
    and decided to give it a name: NLP Coach!

    This is how I Practiced my NLP skills using NLP Coach:

    I set up simple exercises to practice the Meta Model, since this was the area
    that needed most work:

    I researched the Meta Model inside and out, and created a definitive set of
    exercises for practicing -

    What I noticed after a little time, was a huge increase in my own abilities
    to Use the Meta Model...

    But to be honest: I believe my experience was due partly to the research I'd
    done - and partly to the actual practice I've had with NLP Coach... But then

    Other people have tried NLP Coach and loved it

    Whilst assisting on a training course, I lent it out to a woman who I thought
    would find it useful...

    Apparently the very next evening she comfortably handled a previously 'uncomfortable
    situation' with her husband, and everything ended out just as she wanted -

    "The Exercises work brilliantly..." she told me

    Next thing I know, I'm being e-mailed by NLP Trainer Bob Bodenhammer: He'd
    seen NLP Coach, seemed impressed and thought I should contact Dr Michael Hall...

    Dr Michael Hall - creator of the field of Neuro-Semantics
    thought it was 'Very Useful...'

    He told me I should publish it, and I was free to include any of the material
    he'd created...

    Dr Hall later wrote me a testimonial:

    "Having seen the program and how a person could use it to practice
    the linguistic skills - that are so foundational for communication precision,
    hypnotic effectiveness, and conversational reframing (transforming meaning),
    it's a very useful tool. And, there's nothing else like it on the market
    as far as I know

    If you're wanting to learn and practice these
    foundational communication models, here is a learning tool that I'd check

    Dr L. Michael Hall - NLP Trainer and developer of

    Meta States and Neuro-Semantics

    So I published NLP Coach

    I started out on this journey I didn't intend to create NLP Coach as a product
    to sell, but as a useful training tool for myself. But with all the positive
    feedback I've received - I'm compelled to keep developing this idea:

    Anyway, now I've joined forces with a select group of NLP trainers and created
    an advanced NLP training package to help supplement your NLP journey...

    And here's a sneak preview of what you'll get with
    NLP Coach:

    As we said earlier; NLP Coach provides a 3D simulation of a training exercise,
    and so it immerses you deeply into the center of a role-playing scenario...

    Within this scenario, the coach describes new skills...

    Whilst the client provides an opportunity to practice those skills;

    this moment the Coach is showing you an example of how a pattern works:

    and is giving you simple instructions to follow...

    And then the Client begins talking...

    ...Your job is to follow the instructions given by your Coach...

    and respond to what the Client has said...

    You respond with a brilliant example of NLP...

    Your coach uses Artificial Intelligence to understand your response before
    providing accurate feedback about how you can improve even further...

    'You're doing well,

    Getting better in fact:'

    And so the coaching cycle continues...

    The Result: You improve your NLP skills, and begin using
    NLP in your daily routine:

    In fact: This training method is so effective - used correctly it enables a
    person to:

    • Engage more deeply in the process of learning...

    • Identify with the characters within the simulation;

    • Actually work through a problem and turn it into a solution;

    • Understand how other people form their own distinct realities,

    • Cause a positive shift to the way another person thinks about their
      problems and their behavior...

    In other words: The technology applied within NLP Coach enables us to learn
    & practice some very important communication skills...

    So Now: NLP Coach presents an in-depth Communication
    Training Workshop -

    Within this training workshop - NLP Coach will be teaching you a wide range
    of the foundation skills of within the field of NLP...

    Those skills are:

    the Positive Outcome pattern...

    the Meta Model;

    the Milton Model;

    and the Mind Line (Sleight of Mouth) patterns...

    And using these core NLP Skills, NLP Coach will give you specific practice
    with each one of the following:

    • Inducing ideas and experiences

      (Milton Model - Presuppositions)...

    • Helping a person change their beliefs

      (Mind Lines - Counter-Example)

    • Delivering indirect suggestions

      (Milton Model - Generalized Referential Index)

    • Embedding suggestions within everyday comments

      (Milton Model - Embedded Commands)

    • Embedding suggestions within stories

      (Milton Model - Quotes)

    • Encouraging a person to identify with what you've just described

      (Mind Lines - Identification)

    • Turning problems into solutions and creating well-formed, desirable

      (Positive Outcomes)

    • Identifying how a person forms their idea of reality

      (Meta Model - Presuppositions)

    • Entering a person's inner world and describing their thoughts &

      (Milton Model - Mind Reading)

    • Leading a person gracefully into a trance (or any other internal
      state you wish to elicit)

      (Milton Model - Scope Ambiguity)

    • Helping people overcome their own limitations

      (Meta Model - Modal Operators of Necessity)

    • Complete Meta Model, Milton Model and Mind Line Trainings

    Plus you'll get all the Interactive Help you need

    Your Coach provides simple-to-understand High-quality instructions -

    And with hundreds of built-in examples, showing how each NLP technique can
    be used...

    ...there's no shortage of quality material to form a good, solid understanding
    for each technique -

    But imagine also having hundreds more real-life dramas to practice your new
    NLP skills with:

    This training system means that you get to practice what you'd say in each

    afterwards find out if you've answered right, or if you've answered wrong, plus...

    What you could do to correct yourself:

    Let's face it: With NLP Coach you are going to

    learn -

    But what if I still don't understand?

    The interactive Virtual Coach will guide you right inside each exercise, and
    coach you step-by-step right through until you've successfully completed the
    exercise -

    And if you really need it, you can do this with each and every one of the hundreds
    of available exercises within NLP Coach...

    The fact is NLP Coach tailors each exercise to suit you and your learning style,
    so you're never going to get left behind, and you'll never get bored because
    it's moving too slow

    So what does this interactive NLP training workshop

    Well you might be surprised... Given that most in-depth NLP Courses cost over

    ... Ok so this not a live training, but with all this great material, You'd
    expect NLP Coach to cost at least $300 or more!

    And even with a heavy discount, at least: $197!

    Well, I want everyone to have a fair experience of this powerful material

    (plus this is the age of the Internet!):

    So you can have NLP Coach for just:

    Here To Reserve Your Copy of NLP Coach Now

    Note: This Windows compatible software simulation: NLP Coach becomes available
    as digital software download immediately after you've ordered...

    What exactly do I get?

    For this you'll get 62 powerful NLP techniques to ignite your NLP communication

    you'll get coached for turning problems into well-formed desirable goals;

    You'll have High-quality instructions & examples making it easy to practice:

    Plus you'll get to Practice with hundreds and hundreds of real-life examples...

    Plus there's our Lifetime On-Line support:

    If you still don't understand something from the course: or there's something
    you'd like to discuss, or even - you need some technical help with NLP Coach
    - then our friendly Online One-on-One help service is available to you...

    - absolutely free -

    Here's what others have said:

    "The ultimate companion for anyone practicing

    "In the NLP World there are many books, tapes and videos. But to
    my knowledge there is only one software program that teaches the user
    step by step how to use correctly the three most important Models of NLP.
    The Meta Model, the Milton Model and Mind lines

    The software program teaches you and guides you in a very similar way
    ,like having a private Tutor. The lessons and the training sessions are
    formidable for anyone wanting to excel in the use of NLP in any endeavor

    As a Certified Trainer of NLP, practicing and teaching NLP for 14 years,
    I believe this program to be at this time the ultimate companion for anyone
    practicing NLP"

    Emil Capone -

    Chairman of The Israeli Association for NLP

    "I truly have not found a better way to learn
    the Meta Model and Milton Model"

    "After going as far as the Trainer's Training, I truly have not
    found a better way to learn the Meta Model and Milton Model language patterns
    than your software. It is fun and so helpful! Most of the students have
    to go around with a printed-out version of the language patterns to really
    learn them, this is so much more effective."

    Nannette DiMascio - NLP Trainer

    "The practice with skills is quite amazing"

    "Paul, I'm a trainer and am constantly having to work with people's
    issues. So you can imagine how much I've enjoyed this program

    The practice with skills is quite amazing. It is great to be continually
    prompted to use the different hypnosis skills

    This is the kind of tool that I believe should be on the computer of every
    trainer and therapist out there"

    Hal Croasmun - NLP Trainer

    "I LOVE your software - well done indeed!"

    "I must say that I very impressed with the complete NLP Coach software.
    By breaking down the techniques e.g. Unspecified Referential Index, External
    Framing etc. it provides a very logical method of learning and practicing
    the principles of the models

    "I LOVE your software - well done indeed! Thank you for introducing
    it. I've had fun playing with it today"

    Joseph Bennette

    "It makes more sense to me

    because it leads me down the path easier"

    "I like your idea on the Coach with it being a top down learning
    style. Honestly I did not like the structure of magic as much for the
    learning and like to learn things as I am to use them. It makes more sense
    to me because it leads me down the path easier"

    Michael G. Holt CCHt - NLP Trainer

    "Many Thanks for producing this invaluable tool"

    Your program allows the lay user to practice very specific aspects of
    how they plan to achieve their outcome. Just as a person learning a new
    language will have to learn specific conjugations, number agreements and
    irregularities, NLP Coach allows you to learn the Meta Model and Milton
    Model as you would learn a language, so that when you reach unconscious
    competence you have basically learned two new languages!

    Many Thanks for producing this invaluable tool"

    Andrew Kelly

    "I am honestly in awe at how great it is"

    "Thanks Paul,

    I'm using the software and am honestly in awe at how great it is. I spent
    $1500 dollars on a NLP and Hypnosis home study. Fails in comparison to
    what one can achieve in this interactive style"

    Robert De-Sulmniers

    Click on the reviews button at the top of the page for more testimonies...

    Ok, so now its decision time;

    & it's your choice...

    You can either carry on & be in much the same place in two or maybe three
    years time. Some things will have changed, but essentially, everything's just
    as always.. !

    Or you can take decisive steps right now & begin moving boldly towards
    a brighter future...>

    NLP Coach Now!

    Practice Every NLP Technique From Start to Finish first. Then
    Decide Whether You Want to Keep It...

    Return this software in less than 60 days and its Free...

    Or Keep this software: NLP Coach for just $47 -

    The risk is entirely ours. You gamble nothing but a little of your time...


    Here To Reserve Your Copy of NLP Coach Now

    Get Unlimited One-on-One Support

    Get all the advice and support you need to reach your training goals
    with life-time One-on-One support

    60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Practice Every NLP Technique from Start to Finish,
    and even after taking advantage of our lifetime one-on-one support,
    you still just don't understand the NLP techniques that are taught,
    then I'll give you a full and complete refund, simply contact us
    within 60 days from purchase for every cent of your money back;

    You can even keep the downloaded version of the NLP Coach software
    for yourself - absolutely free...

    Get NLP Coach Now!

    Click on the Add to Cart Button to Begin Downloading your copy of NLP
    Coach now...

    Here To Reserve Your Copy of NLP Coach Now

    P.S. Want to invest in your future? Click on the
    'Add to Cart' Button & Get to Practice Advanced NLP Techniques Now...

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