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bestcbstore (bestcbstore) wrote,
@ 2012-07-31 00:58:00
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    This powerful report gives unique astrological insights into your character


    powerful report gives unique astrological insights into your character

    At last your own personal astrology report
    that helps you take control of your life direction and well being

    This powerful report gives unique astrological
    insights into your character that will

    ... empower you to feel great about who
    you are

    ... give you a clear path to change the
    things you don't like

    You are about to ...

    Learn who you really are, and become more purposeful
    Discover your inner astrological guide and what works best in your life
    Identify your strengths and weaknesses and increase your effectiveness
    Overcome your difficulties and obstacles so that you can realise your
    innermost dreams and desires
    Understand your emotions instead of being a slave to them so that
    you can stay calm, centred and present to your life
    Have more success than you ever thought possible

    I'm knee-deep in my reports and I just wanted to stop back by to say I'm
    LOVING it! You do excellent work and I'm really getting a lot of new insights
    and that's even after having studied astrology and my chart for a while.

    I highly recommend anyone else considering ordering from John to just
    go ahead and take the leap. I'm learning so much more about myself from
    reading his report and I'm sure you will, too.

    ~ Rose J


    for dropping by.

    My name's John Goble and I am an astrologer.

    I've been studying, teaching, practicing and writing about astrology for nearly
    30 years.

    And now for the first time I am making the results of my experience available
    to you.

    It comes in the form of unique individualised report, my own product ... based
    on my years of experience ... in the next 10 minutes you can order a 40 page astrology
    report that is unique map of the heavens created for you and you alone at the
    exact time and place of your birth...This report is so power full that you will
    be astounded at what you discover.

    Using advanced analysis your report is integrated and personal because it weighs,
    balances and synthesises all the many facets of who you are, male or female,
    as well as your age and stage in life and many other significant factors.

    Astrology, real astrology, not the generic
    gossip of magazines is an ancient and powerful discipline

    Used correctly it can provide insights and depth ... this astrology report is
    something that is genuinely personal ... specific ... engaging.

    This is a single resource that will make your life more meaningful by explaining
    to you in detail what drives you? Which people and places empower you and which
    ones sap your strength? It will show what needs to happen in your life to make
    better decisions for your health, career, relationships and spirituality.

    "Insightful, in depth and a powerful reading that has unlocked many
    doors and answered many questions about my life, my journey and my existence.
    Thanks so much."

    Minerva ~ Artistic Director, Leading Arts Company

    "Like literature, art and music, astrology is also capable of investing
    life with meaning."

    Professor Alan Smithers

    "I just wanted to say thank you very much for my chart, I feel like
    I have a whole picture of myself now, instead of just a part. I also like
    your writing style."

    Kate V, ~ Scientist

    I have spent many years putting this report together to produce a quality document
    that replicates and supports some of what goes on in a personal, one on one,
    astrology reading.

    So who am I and why can I produce such
    an accurate astrology report for you

    Now, I first got in to astrology in the early eighties, what really got me
    started was when my very pregnant partner started attending some astrology classes
    and stayed back after a lesson to ask about the birth and her ‘due' date.

    After checking her tables and things her ‘teacher' started looking worried,
    shaking her head and telling her that ‘things' didn't look good around that
    time and that a home birth probably wasn't a good idea.

    She said she could ... well haemorrhage ... and the ambulance either wouldn't come
    ... or would be late!

    "Mars will be conjunct your Sun" she had said knowingly.

    "There'll be blood, a lot of blood and Mercury will be retrograde, Mercury
    is about communications and when it's retrograde it means that the phone might
    be down or the ambulance will be late."

    Like you... I expect my reply to my wife's concerns was something like "What
    utter nonsense!" (Probably stronger!)

    After my outrage it really got me thinking, ‘There has to be much more to this
    than what this so called ‘teacher' had come up with.'

    So began an astrological journey that has continued to this day.

    Successful birth

    By the way ... on that due day ... over 28 years ago ... Mars was conjunct the Sun,
    that is, within a degree or two.

    And Mercury was retrograde or appearing to move backwards for a while, but
    both mother and child had a great home birth.

    At 10:54 that night a beautiful baby girl, now a mother herself, was born.

    In many places, especially India, China and Asia, a horoscope
    is done shortly after birth to guide in the bringing up of a child.

    Knowing in advance can make a big difference

    Imaging knowing and understanding your innermost motivations where you are
    likely to suceed and where you're likely to fall short. How would that help
    you to take back control of your love life, your finances, your career, friendships
    and personal challenges.

    "Through Astroquest's sensitive portrayal of the effects of planetary
    energies as they weave through our birth chart, we are given the opportunity
    to re-connect with something deep and numinous that binds us all - the
    state of what it is to be human."

    Anne ~ Astrologer

    "Wow, just wanted to say thanks for my personality profile. So interesting
    to encounter different aspects of my personality, broken down into bite
    size, reviewable chunks. The quotes are great and the stories seem to
    keep working their way round my psyche for more revelation. To consider
    the many varied aspects that make up the whole has been revealing and
    really rewarding. The aspects of myself that I need to work on are presented
    clearly, great advice that offers new perspectives for reflection like
    feed back from a neutral but loving guide"

    Sam F. ~ Workshop Facilitator

    How I began

    After that experience of my wife I began in earnest ... I devoured the modern
    psychological astrologers, their writings and lectures ... I examined reprints
    of old authors and their medieval drawings ... immersed myself in the tarot and
    alchemists ... joined dream groups and studied transpersonal counselling techniques
    and shamanic studies and the more in depth I studied and the more ancient traditions
    I investigated the more I realised that there was something hugely powerful

    I come to realise that astrology had roots in all of these and my dabbling
    in these sister disciplines informed my own studies of astrology. Out of this
    I began teaching astrology, seeing clients and writing so that I could get the
    word out because I knew peoples lives could transformed, with the right information.
    Connecting their lives with uplifting stories of how others have struggled and
    overcome difficulties so vividly reflect the inner dynamics in everyday encounters.

    Now after nearly twenty years ... 400,000 words and much research and analysis
    later I am able to make the fruits of that journey, the insights and learning
    available to you.

    In the 1950's Michel Gauquelin uncovered statistical correlations between
    planets and professions that were inexplicable by any means other than

    Respected psychology researcher Hans Eysenck has said, "The Gauquelin
    work stands up to a careful degree of scrutiny and compares favorably
    with the best that has been done in psychology, psychiatry, sociology,
    or any of the social sciences."

    The studies have been independently replicated.

    I guarantee you'll love your report ~
    here's why

    I meet so many people who come away from astrology sessions overwhelmed by
    all that they have been told, perhaps even taken aback, as my wife was. But
    with .... Your Personal Astrology Report
    that won't happen because:

    Personal Astrology Report
    breaks down all the jargon into
    easy, understandable chunks.

    the technical stuff is written in common sense language.

    In fact this report is so easy to understand that anyone will be able to follow

    "Somehow John's words were able to reach me easily, as I sometimes
    find it hard to understand because of my dyslexia. I'm sure the reason
    was, the way he joined the story of the "Hero's Journey" to the texts."

    Angel J.

    Your just minutes away from ordering
    your uniquely personal and comprehensive character overview

    Here's a quick preview of what you'll have at your fingertips...

    A unique astrological chart just for you so that you don't have to look
    anywhere else
    A Step by step understanding of your own individual horoscope
    that is like having your own astrological almanac, the only book you'll
    ever need
    Explanations of the key parts of your chart and the most important aspects
    so that you can understand how this relates to you and the life you are
    Easy to understand and very readable definitions and explanations,
    that are without fluff, and meaningless generalities
    Cues for mapping the deeper parts of your inner world so that you can
    have greater access to your own sense of personal power
    Over forty pages all about you, packed with all you need to track
    your life more purposefully forward
    Relevant myths and stories scattered throughout to elevate, inspire and
    more powerfully help you connect with your own myth and story
    Full of inspiring, thought provoking quotations that will stay
    with you long after you stop reading

    Uplifting content that goes beyond information
    to provoke thought and awaken self-knowledge with the beginnings of wisdom.

    " evenings are taken up very largely with astrology,
    I make horoscope calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological

    ~ C G Jung

    Discover the Hero in your life

    "The hero figure is an archetype, which has existed since time
    immemorial," writes Jung. This is a self-evident truth, but one that
    our culture has long forgotten. Through these reports we can get in touch
    with that inner hero who brings meaning and magic to our every day lives."

    Anne L.

    Discovering your own hero journey is all about having a connection with an
    inner figure whose quest or purpose enlarges your own life so that you can connect
    powerfully to the qualities of all hero figures and through them the heroic
    in you.

    Find within yourself the same sense of moral courage, purpose and excellence
    that has inspired mankind and why these stories touch us so deeply.

    Whether we are aware of it or not each one of us is on own unique and special
    journey. You have your own unique, personal hero journey or quest.

    "... a good life is one hero journey after another. Over and over
    again, you are called to the realm of adventure; you are called to new
    horizons. Each time, there is the same problem: do I dare? And if you
    do dare, the dangers are there, ad the help also, and the fulfilment or
    the fiasco. But there's always the possibility of bliss."

    ~ Joseph Campbell

    We can not all be Bilbo Baggins, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Lancelot or
    Bodicea but there is something of them in us all as Hollywood well knows and
    like them we all have our own, path to follow and challenges to overcome.

    Be inspired by your hero, ... the higher part of you that knows that anything
    is possible ... that obstacles can be overcome with the right tools and understaning.
    Whether your challenges are ... relationships ... career ... health ... or knowing when
    to act ... your personal astrological story will speak to you.

    Presented in terms of the Hero's Journey, Your Personal Astrology Report is
    a rich and full description of the pattern of your Hero Quest as revealed by
    astrological symbolism, and of the challenges and treasures that will be encountered
    along the way.

    The ideal of the heroic journey is available to everyone, no matter their state
    or circumstance, and provides a theme and reference around which the content
    of this report weaves.

    Your Personal Astrology Report
    is astrology made meaningful and personal.Astrology offers you personal and
    specific insights into the nature of that journey and how you might more purposefully
    participate in its unfolding.

    Written for you and you alone.

    Your report is a unique blend of the insights offered by psychological astrology
    and analyses to provide in-depth interpretations that balance and synthesise
    all your specific chart factors to create a document that is written for you
    and you alone.

    "The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still
    parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins.
    The moon is a great nerve centre from which we quiver forever. Who knows
    the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power, rippling
    exquisitely through us all the time."

    ~ D. H. Lawrence

    These reports have been written by a practicing astrologer and represent the
    insights gleaned from literally thousands of clients and students, real people,
    all with a story to tell, a pathway to walk and a quest to fulfill. Find yours.

    Product launch ~ free bonus

    As a product launch, I am offering as a free bonus an additional eBook Your
    Personal Dream Book
    which by itself sells for $35.00.
    Awakening your hero will awaken your dreams too, and what better way to start
    your inner journey than with understanding your dreams.

    Your Personal Dream Book:

    your secret treasure.. the power from knowing how to work with and understand
    the hidden messages of your dreams

    66 page manual on how to map your dream life

    in the same style and complimentary to Your Personal Astrology Report

    guide to not only understanding your dream images but to interpreting your dreams

    most common dream motifs, images and associations explored and explained

    proven techniques for working with your dreams, individually with a partner

    clearer choices, by understanding your hidden unconscious behaviours

    out how to identify the dream theme quickly in order to apply it to your own
    life by yourself or in a dream group

    you need to start your own dream group

    In an age of instant gratification and outer excess, increasingly experienced
    as precarious and limited, it has become more important than ever to develop
    tools to create and sustain an inner place for understanding and nurturing
    your dreams.

    ~ Your Personal Dream Book

    This $35.00 eBook will be yours free when you
    purchase Your Personal Astrology Report this is $80.00
    worth of extraordinary value
    for just $45.00.

    Get Your Copy Now For Only $45.00

    Order now - Even if its 3.AM - your report and ebook
    will be emailed to you within 24 hours

    So get your free bonus offer eBook, a step-by-step guide to understanding,
    interpreting and working with your dreams.

    This is an essential eBook for anyone wanting to make a start unraveling the
    sometimes-baffling images that populate our dream world.

    So that there is no risk to you, I also offer a 100%, no-questions-asked, full
    money-back guarantee

    If you are not totally satisfied with the content of Your Personal Astrology
    Report, then I want you to let me know so that I can forward a prompt and swift

    All you have to do to receive this unique
    report and dream book is click the order button at the bottom of the page

    After payment you will be taken you to a screen where you will be asked to
    enter your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. For small
    towns type in the name of the nearest major town or city.

    If you don't know your time of birth, that's fine, a Personal Profile can still
    be generated for you, it will still be accurate, just a little shorter.

    Personal Profile $45.00
    Dream Interpretation Primer $35.00
    Your total just

    To keep your credit card details safe, we use Clickbank's secure server. That
    means that we never get to see your credit card details - you deal directly
    with Clickbank (the internet 's largest seller of eBooks). Clickbank also honours
    the 60 day money-back guarantee.

    So find out why now ... once you have your
    report you will discover




    success than you ever thought possible

    "It's amazing how just reading it again new perceptions jump out and
    grab me."

    Anne L. ~ Graphic Illustrator

    Allow me to prove this for you

    your birth time is no accident

    is based on the geometry of the universe

    your birth details and receive a personalized astrology reading

    Embark on the most exciting journey
    of your life

    Simply enter your details now and these

    exciting revelations will be yours

    All the very best,

    Get Your Copy Now For Only $45.00

    Order now - Even if its 3.AM - your report and ebook
    will be emailed to you within 24 hours

    P.S. Get your great bonus ... for a limited time only

    P.P.S. 100% money back guarantee ... no risk ... no questions

    P.P.P.S. Your Personal Astrology Report and Your Personal
    Dream Book are only a click away. Just do it!

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