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bestcbstore (bestcbstore) wrote,
@ 2012-07-28 20:05:00
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    Easy-to-use Wordpress plugin creates: Amazon affiliate blogs in as little as 3 minutes


    Wordpress plugin creates: Amazon affiliate blogs in as little as 3 minutes

    [Version 2.1 Now Available!]

    Download the Associate Goliath demo: It's
    fully functional. It's just that your links will point to a "please
    upgrade" page instead of Amazon. Try it right now and see for
    yourself how great it works!

    Email address:


    Associate Goliath Admin Panel Screenshot:

    How Associate Goliath Works:

    Step 1: Fill in your Amazon associate id and other fields
    and select your filtering criteria.

    Step 2: Click the blue button.

    Step 3: Nothing! Associate Goliath will do the following things,
    all on its own:

    a) Go to Amazon

    b) Find products that match the criteria you entered.

    c) Visit each product page one by one

    d) Retrieve the product title, product image, total rating (with stars), price,
    product description, product details, technical details, product reviews, meta
    keywords and meta description from the page.

    e) Create a post on your Wordpress blog for each one of the products!

    Sample Post:

    here or on the thumbnail below to see a full-length live example post]

    here or on the thumbnail above to see a full-length live example post]

    Early Testimonials:

    "WP plugin of the decade for Amazon affiliates..."

    Two words.....blown away! Oh my goodness. This is the best WP plugin
    of the decade for Amazon affiliates. If I never review another WSO I can
    die a happy man.

    Can you say autopilot? Can you say easy? Can you say CHA_CHING!!!!

    I have no idea what George is going to be charging for this...$25...$50...$
    doesn't matter. Grab it at whatever price you are asked to pay because
    you're about to fully automate the marketing of Amazon products on your
    WP blog. Imagine being able to post content-rich, quality reviews of products
    specifically related to your niche by entering a few keywords and clicking
    a button. I just scheduled posts for my blog well into January in less
    than 45 seconds. 45 SECONDS!

    Let me make this as clear as I possibly can. This plugin is worth it's
    weight in gold, and that's exactly what you'll be stuffing your Amazon
    Associate account with when you buy and use this plugin.

    George, I feel very lucky that I was one of the few to have the ability
    to review this product. All I can say is, I pray you open it up for affiliates
    because this one is solid gold.

    Scotty Rushing

    "totally love your plugin..."

    Hi George,

    I used your plugin on one of my sites, and the output is really cool.
    I totally love your plugin, works as promised. I would recommend this
    amazon plugin to anyone who wants to put up an automated amazon store
    on WP platform. Kudos, George!


    Sam (narayanan86 on Warrior Forum)

    "works just as described..."

    First I must say this is really a nice little plugin.I installed the
    file from my dashboard with no problem.There are 9 boxes to fill out with
    your Amazon information.There is a help link next to each box.

    Now when you look at all the information George puts on the sales page,do
    not worry.I did not have the API info,or anything else,and had it set
    up and working within 15 minutes.And it works just as described.

    What is even better,after you click on the help icon or link,(which i
    had to for 3 of the boxes),there is a link inside the help box to go to
    Amazon itself.Nice time saver and even better thinking on George's part.

    This plugin picked my product,a $37 dollar product which is a book,and
    filled out a short description,and a photo,and the bullet points as well.Very
    nice little plugin,i would recommend it.

    Matt Rowe (pcpupil on the Warrior Forum)

    "So simple to use and produces great posts..."

    Hi George,

    Just a quick note since trying your new amazon plugin. This is so simple
    to use and produces great posts based on the keywords you use.

    I have found it so easy I am offnow to build complete sites based around
    this one plugin. To be able to set and forget everything is just awesome,
    thanks for the great product.

    Anton (anton343 on the Warrior Forum)

    "The posts were made as expected and the formatting
    looked good on twenty eleven theme. ..."

    I was fortunate to receive a review copy of Associate Goliath from George

    The initial download and installation went off without a hitch...excellent

    Once the plugin is installed and Activated you will see a menu item just
    below settings.

    Setting up AG is a simple process if you already have your Amazon Associate
    ID, Access Key and Secret Access Key. You just fill in the information.
    Add a few specific KW's and set the number of posts. You are ready to
    let AG do it's work.

    I waited several days to see how things progressed.

    The posts were made as expected and the formatting looked good on twenty
    eleven theme.

    The posts seem to be pulled directly from Amazon, so I will do some editing
    to add some individuality.

    All in all this is a very worthwhile plugin and I will continue using
    it on my Amazon Product.

    Thanks, George for a great plugin.


    "It does as it says it does, it is easy to

    and it saves me work, what more can I ask for...."

    Hey people

    I bought this and to be fair it is outstanding, the added extra PDF is
    worth the money, the plugin does what it says it does, impressed me no
    end. saving me work

    All I can say is it was a breeze to set-up, I got a little confused with
    the USA and UK differences in Amazon for my product search, Associate
    Goliath works just fine. Looking to earn with this cool plugin.

    It does as it says it does, it is easy to set-up, and it saves me work,
    what more can I ask for.

    fkmedia from Warrior Forum

    "saves a lot of time and time is money!

    Plain just flat out works.. I uploaded onto a fresh new site.. and within
    minutes had something to work with..

    Good buy IMO.. saves a lot of time and time is money!

    johnsonasu35 from Warrior Forum

    "another big winner..."

    George has got another big winner for us this time - again!

    I've been buying (or collecting?) all the plugins that can make it easy
    for me to make affiliate income from Amazon and I must say this one is
    among those that I like the most due to its simplicity and thus the ease
    to use.

    My experience is that the more simple my blogs look, the easier it is
    for them to make money. And Associate Goliath can do that as easy as ABC...

    Many thanks, George!

    John Chan

    "You can literally make and set up Niche Sites
    in 10 or 15 minutes."


    All I can say is ... WOW!

    And to any Warriors on the fence, get it NOW before the price goes up,
    but honestly, once you get it and use it, you will feel like you are stealing
    from George at any price!

    Seriously, $100 would not be too much to pay, and $250 for a developer's
    license, IMHO.

    I downloaded the software, contacted George about a problem, got a return
    email in 4 minutes, the problem was fixed, I installed and ran everything,
    and even with those issues was up and running the software in less than
    25 minutes.

    And actually running the software itself took 2 minutes, and I had 50
    posts set for the next month!

    2 minutes, 50 posts over the next 30 days! scheduled, with my Aff. link
    inserted. Unbelievable!!!

    The posts are staggered to look human, and you can choose the frequency
    of delivery.

    You can literally make and set up Niche Sites in 10 or 15 minutes.

    Absolutely does everything it says and more!

    George, this is flat out a gift from you to us.

    Thank you my fellow Warrior, from the bottom of my heart.



    George even includes a little SEO Cheat Sheet that tells you how to make
    this Plugin work even better to help you keep the Big G happy. Amazing

    Why some Amazon affiliates make peanuts,

    while others laugh all the way to the bank:

    In one word? Automation!

    Doing keyword research and writing your own "unbiased" reviews may
    make you feel good about being hard-working. But it certainly won't put food
    on the table...

    By the time you are finished writing a single review for ONE Amazon product,
    some of your competitors have clicked a few buttons, and created one (or more)
    blogs with hundreds of pages promoting HUNDREDS of products.

    Quite simply, they are out-muscling you.

    Amazon already WANTS you to use their content on your site. So why not leverage

    Here's your golden opportunity

    to leverage other people's hard work:

    Think about it for a second:

    - Amazon has already found some of the hottest online niches

    - merchants have already created in-demand products that solve people's problems

    - Amazon have already written the product descriptions (content) that sells
    those products

    - Wordpress is free and it allows you to set up an affiliate website in minutes

    And now, with Associate Goliath, you can take advantage of all these in less
    than 5 minutes. Again, life is too short for manual labor. Let the systems and
    automation do the work, while you are having fun...

    Assuming that Associate Goliath can do only half of what I suggest, what would
    be a fair price for it?

    Most people would agree that Associate Goliath could sell for at least $197.
    There's just nothing like this out there. Feel free to do your own research
    to verify it.

    But let's be honest. These are hard times and investing that much in anything
    may not be easy (or sensible). That's why, for now, you can get Associate Goliath
    for $47.

    Of course, you are also welcome to buy one of those buggy $19.97 plugins and
    see how that works for ya. You will then appreciate the quality of Associate
    Goliath. I know I have paid "cheap decisions" very expensively.

    Note: this plugin is not a single php file - it consists of 293 files. This
    is definitely not a "Mickey Mouse" script. There's a LOT that is going
    on under the hood. It was super complex to code, so that it would be super easy
    for you to use - just sayin' :-).

    Why you need to act now:

    I don't want everyone and their grandma to use Associate Goliath, that's why
    I can only guarantee that you will be able to purchase Associate Goliath if
    you do so right now.

    As a matter of fact, I'm already involved in some other projects that are taking
    up a huge amout of time and energy. And I won't be able to focus as much time
    on Associate Goliath as I feel I should.

    That's why I will take Associate Goliath completely off the market after a
    while (no matter how many copies were sold)...

    Some people may be thinking right now: "This is probably a fake scarcity
    tactic so he makes me buy it now. He will probably keep selling it for years."

    Those people have another thing coming :-)

    Bottom line: If you are interested in Associate Goliath, get it now, because
    after a while, it will not be available...

    Fast-action bonuses:

    Those who act should be rewarded. So, here are a couple of extra bonuses for

    Bonus 1: Associate Goliath profit guide. I'll be honest with
    you: This is only 2 pages long. But I share a few tricks in there that I promise
    you will like.

    Bonus 2: Email consultation: Within the next 60 days after
    you purchase Associate Goliath, you can email me and ask me any question you
    may have. Anything from technical questions to "what's the best way to
    do this." I will give you as honest of a reply as possible. Obviously my
    time isn't unlimited, so I may have to pull this bonus, if I see that this takes
    more of my time than it's worth.

    Still, even with such a valuable product and the bonuses, you may not be completely
    over the fence entirely. After all, anyone can hype their product. So...

    Here's why your investment

    is 100% guaranteed:

    Download Associate Goliath. If you think it's not the simplest Amazon-affiliate-niche-site-generating
    Wordpress plugin you ever used (or it's just not right for you), let me
    know within 60 days and you'll get every penny back. Plus, you get to
    KEEP Associate Goliath as my way of saying "thanks for giving this
    an honest try."

    I want you to be a happy customer. Besides, even if you decide that Associate
    Goliath isn't for you, we can always do business together again in the

    How to order Associate Goliath:

    To get your hands on Associate Goliath, as well as the fast-action bonuses,
    just click the button below.

    You will be redirected to the Clickbank order form where you can order
    with your Paypal account (or just a credit card).

    After you order, you will get instant access to Associate Goliath as
    well as the fast-action bonuses.

    If you need any help ordering, just send me an email and I'll personally
    get back to you ASAP.

    Associate Goliath: $47

    (Use on unlimited domains you own)

    order is secure and fully guaranteed

    by Clickbank)

    The order form on the next page will look like this:

    To your success,

    George Katsoudas

    PS. With Associate Goliath you can launch Amazon affiliate
    niche blogs in less than 3 minutes. It will save you so much time, effort, and
    frustration it's not even funny. You can get these benefits, by ordering now.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What about duplicate content penalty?

    "Duplicate content" refers to the same content being shown on the
    SAME domain. It's not about content syndication. If you are worried about duplicate
    posts, Associate Goliath has a deduplication feature. The same post will only
    appear once on your blog. That said, Associate Goliath also fetches the most
    helpful reviews that appear for a product (which change as time passes). Also,
    it allows you to delete, edit or add content in your posts. This makes Asociate
    Goliath "Panda-Proof."

    What about recent Google updates on autoblogging?

    Sites that have unreadable junk content will definitely take a hit. But the
    content that Associate Goliath uses comes from well-written Amazon pages.

    What Amazon domains are suported?

    Version 2.0 supports and

    What are the technical requirements to run Associate Goliath?

    You need to have a Wordpress blog that you host on your server. Your server
    has to be running PHP5. This is something that is "on" by default
    in 95+% of servers. Even if it's not available via default, you can email your
    host and they should be able to activate PHP5.

    What will the site look like?

    Here's a quick Associate
    Goliath demo blog
    I put up (new window).

    What if I purchased the personal license and now I want to have
    the developer's license?

    You can upgrade. Just contact
    - include your initial Paypal purchase receipt and I'll get back to you
    ASAP. :-)

    What about customer support?

    Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with
    the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just contact
    and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (very often
    just a couple of hours).

    I reply to emails extremely fast and many customers say that, with me and my
    products, they have received the best customer support than by any other vendor
    they have done business with.

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