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bestcbstore (bestcbstore) wrote,
@ 2012-07-27 12:14:00
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    How do successful traders consistently grow their earnings?


    do successful traders consistently grow their earnings?

    Why Successful Forex Traders Rely on

    Forex COMBO to Deliver

    Accurate, Predictable and Growing Profits

    How do successful traders consistently grow their earnings?

    Do they have a secret?

    Yes and their secret is sitting in plain view.

    The key is to focus on trading strategies that are proven to deliver returns.
    Unsuccessful traders focus on a "silver bullet" strategy, a magical
    formula that works in every situation. Smart traders know that silver bullets
    rarely work.

    Smart traders rely on using a combination of highly successful techniques in
    every trading session.

    They understand that diversifying their tools insures that they can profit
    in any situation.

    This is the street smart logic at the core of the Forex Combo System.

    How Forex COMBO System

    Consistently Delivers Winning Trades

    Forex Combo was designed based on in-depth analysis of thousands of winning
    currency trades.

    The Forex Combo team recorded each trade and the strategy that delivered the

    Soon a pattern developed that pointed to 4 consistently successful trading

    Strategy #1:

    Scalping works because it matches high success probability trades
    with low risk. A consistent small-spread strategy slowly adds profitable
    trades boosting overall return. The Forex Combo System uses a scalping
    strategy that analyzed market trends to deliver trades with a high-probability
    of success.

    Strategy #2:

    Currency markets offer clear, easily tracked data that can be analyzed
    in real-time. This data is visualized as trends that can be used for
    accurate market predictions. Most successful traders use sophisticated
    Trend Detection strategies to earn the bulk of their profits. The
    Forex Combo System helps you profit by accurately watching for tell-tale
    market signs that signal sustained and profitable trends.

    Strategy #3:
    Market Corrections

    Explosive profits occur when the market trend reverses and creates
    large pip spread opportunities. Forex Combo System captures deep market
    corrections at the exact instant the current trends are exhausted.
    The key is to be able to predict when the market will reverse. This
    is subtle science requiring thousands of lightning fast calculations.

    Strategy #4:

    Almost any trader can make money when the Forex market is trending
    predictably up or down. However, 50% of all trading activity happens
    when the market is in a non-trending state. The Forex Combo System
    uses a powerful algorithm to detect a non-trending market and adjusts
    it's trade detection accordingly.


    The ALL-NEW Forex COMBO System

    integrates each of these powerful strategies into one easy-to-use

    Once implemented, Forex COMBO automatically evaluates the market based on its
    trading algorithms uncovering hidden trading opportunities in any market condition.

    Instant Access NOW !

    See How Forex COMBO's 4-in-1 System

    Multiplies Your Trading Returns

    Here's The Forex Combo System running its
    Scalp Strategy:

    The Scalp strategy quietly builds the trading position with low-risk, high-probability

    Here's how the Trend-Detection

    The Trend Detection Strategy analyzes the overall market and signals trades
    that capitalize on broad currency pair movements.

    Here's how the CounterTrend

    The CounterTrend Strategy leverages the Trend Strategy by capturing pips
    on both sides of the trend.

    Finally, factor in the EuroRange

    The EuroRange Strategy uses completely new approach for detecting highly
    accurate range market entries.

    $ 433 000 in Low-Risk

    with ONE simple to use System

    The math is simple and straightforward.

    By integrating the Scalp, Trend-Detection, CounterTrend and Range strategies

    a trader will have earned $ 433 000 over a 8 year period.

    See How Forex COMBO's 4-in-1 System Performs On
    GBPUSD Pair

    Let's take a look at it another way...

    A trader investing $1,000 would see their account grow to $43,342 in just 8

    The maximum drawdown risk would be just 2.56%.

    This low drawdown is achieved by diversifying trading strategies.

    Fixed lot trades
    8-year period
    (2004.01.01 - 2011.11.24)
    Initial deposit
    $1 000
    Total net profit
    $ 43 342
    Profit Factor
    Maximal drawdown
    2.56 %

    Digging deeper into the numbers we
    see that Forex COMBO would deliver a

    4,334% ROI - a phenomenal achievement.

    Your Risk AND Maximize Your Profits

    One key feature of Forex COMBO is the ability to set your risk level.

    Your ROI is tied to the risk profile you choose.

    Here are audited backstrategy simulations using the 4-in-1 Forex
    Combo System for various risk profiles:

    Relatively low risk trades
    (2% risk per deal)
    2-year period
    (2010.01.04 - 2011.11.24)
    Initial deposit
    $1 000
    Total net profit
    $ 31 276
    Profit Factor
    Maximal drawdown
    8.02 %


    Relatively low risk trades
    (5% risk per deal)
    2-year period
    (2010.01.04 - 2011.11.24)
    Initial deposit
    $1 000
    Total net profit
    $ 627 416
    Profit Factor
    Maximal drawdown
    16.74 %

    The Forex Combo System Has Dominated

    Every Single Live-Trading Test

    And Accurately Finds Opportunities Most Traders Miss!

    See the
    LIVE TRADING Results for Yourself:

    How The Forex COMBO System Trades
    Look Like

    Why The Forex COMBO System is

    the Market's Only COMPLETE Trading System

    The Forex Combo System combines the best trading strategies to make the market's
    only comprehensive trading system. Here's what's included:

    • Trend Detetection + CounterTrend: Forex Combo uses
      proven trading strategies to trade when strong market movement is detected.

    • Scalping Strategy: This strategy has been specifically
      developed to accurately exit 80% of position to insure that they close with
      optimum profit.

    • Market Scan: Forex Combo actively scans the market
      looking for the best market opportunities - completely on automatic.

    • Stop-Loss Protection: Unique trading logic applied
      to exit positions prevents premature stop-loss activation. This logic allows
      positions to close, managing losses, as long as current prices are statistically

    • Money-Management: Highly effective money management
      rules customized based on your risk profile.

    • Volatile Market Protection: The Forex Combo system
      rarely opens positions in volatile markets with sharp price fluctuation (gaps)
      making Forex Combo positions much less likely to suffer from broker slippage.

    • Rigorous Testing: the Forex Combo System has been
      tested over a ten-year historical period as well as live trials for over a
      year. Forex Combo has demonstrated that it can deliver stable returns over
      the long term.

    Are You Forex Trading Rookie?

    If you are just getting started with Forex, then you ABSOLUTELY need to begin
    with the Forex COMBO System.

    New forex traders often spend years losing money, getting scammed and learning
    bad trading habits. Many traders give up never have made any money.

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    What you need to succeed is a proven system that is easy to implement.
    A system that delivers a steady return-on-investment. Forex COMBO System
    is exactly that system!

    With Forex Combo System you can skip the expensive learning curve. You can
    start making deposits into your family budget rather than trying to explain
    to your spouse or friends why you are losing your hard-earned money in the currency

    From day one, all you need to do is follow the system and approve the trades.
    Along the way you will learn valuable strategies that can be used to refine
    your trading skills.

    There isn't a more easy or low-risk way to jumpstart your forex trading.

    Forex Combo System NOW

    Are You
    A Forex Pro?

    Professional currency traders are always looking for ways to SAVE time.

    Forex Combo System has been built to find fantastic trades, it also is designed
    to do it with minimal time and minimal risk.

    Forex Combo System takes the worry out of trading with different strategies.
    Each of the 4 strategies used by Forex Combo System have been vetted, tested
    and refined to work in any market with any currency pair.

    Forex Combo System makes trading currencies a low-risk income stream that requires
    very little work on your part.

    With Forex Combo System you'll get a partner that will give you expert advice

    Try Forex Combo System out on a demo account. Let it show you a week's worth
    of returns, then make your decision to stick with the System.

    It's a smart play. Plus, you'll learn a few new tricks and strategies that
    will make you smile.

    100% Automated
    and Incredibly Easy To Use

    The Forex Combo System is a fully-automated, hands-off trading advisor. We've
    included step-by-step instructions to help you get trading in just 10 minutes
    without any tricks or complex procedures. Just install the Forex Combo System,
    relax and let it do all the work.

    There's no need to monitor it or calibrate its trades. Forex Combo System is
    designed to never need input from you. It's totally self-sufficient. It manages
    every position and delivers result. Period.

    And if you should need any help, our team of specialists and developers are
    available 24/7 to help you and answer any questions.

    To Install Than Ever!

    We've included an install wizard that makes the set-up process even easier.
    There's no need to copy and paste files to specific locations. Just follow the
    wizard and let it install Forex COMBO System to your MT4 terminal in just a
    few clicks.

    That's Not
    All, There's More...

    for 2 Liquid Currency Pairs:
    Forex Combo System is designed and optimized
    to work on the lucrative EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs.

    Compatible with All Brokers:
    There are many brokers used today that
    have various parameters and conditions controlled by competing institutions
    and standards. So we worked hard to make sure that the Forex Combo System is
    compatible with all brokers so that you can trade worry-free.

    and Closed Position Notifications:
    Most Forex automated trading systems
    give traders a bit of freedom. Traders don't have to sit in front of their computer
    all day monitoring their traders. In spite of this freedom, traders like to
    know when a trading position has been opened or closed out.

    Forex Combo System will inform you about all actions performed in your account.
    It easy to set-up your terminal to receive these notifications.

    with Other EAs:
    Forex Combo System is fully compatible with other Expert
    Advisors. Forex Combo System has a unique function which identifies its own
    trades so you can feel comfortable using Forex Combo System on your account
    alongside other EAs or while you trade manually.

    How to Know
    if Forex COMBO is Right for You

    Traders that are blessed with a perfect view of the market won't need the Forex
    Combo System.

    Traders that have created their own artificially-intelligent robot that automatically
    deposits massive paydays into their trading account won't need this system.

    However, research and experience has shown that almost every
    trader needs to have a diversified trading strategy that CAN CAPITALIZE on ANY

    Take a quick moment to review the list below. If you've been stung by any of
    these hurdles then seriously consider owning The Forex Combo System now...

    • You have tried multiple robots and can't get any of them to consistently
      signal profitable trades

    • You are new to Forex trading and are worried about losing more money than
      you can afford

    • You are overwhelmed by conflicting strategies, technologies and tools that
      don't make sense or match your risk profile.

    • You want a SAFE way to double your income without sacrificing or gambling
      with your 9-5 job

    Think about this...

    This System has at least one trading strategy that you've never thought of.
    For this reason alone you deserve to invest in Forex Combo System.

    Now With Unconditional
    Money Back Guarantee

    We're happy to assume all of the risk. Go ahead - Get the Forex
    Combo System and try it out!

    If you are not satisfied for any reason, then we will return your money. No
    questions asked!

    Instant Access NOW !

    Let's review what you get after purchasing Forex Combo System:

    Installation Files

    We've included an install wizard that makes the set-up process even easier.
    There's no need to copy and paste files to specific locations. Just follow
    the wizard and let it install Forex Combo System to your MT4 terminal in
    just a few clicks.
    60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We're happy to assume all of the risk. Go ahead and get the Forex Combo
    System and try it out. If you are not satisfied for any reason, then we
    will return your money. No questions asked
    Members Area Access

    From the member's area you can manage your trading accounts, personal profile,
    download Forex Combo System files and contact our support team.
    Live and Unlimited Demo Accounts

    You can use the Forex Combo System with 2 live accounts or an unlimited
    amount of demo accounts at the same time.

    Our team of specialists is available to assist you if you have any problems
    or questions.

    We'll send you updates and new versions free of charge.
    User Guide

    Complete instructions on how to install and configure the Forex Combo System

    Last, but not least, easy, emotion-free profitable automated trading!

    Buying FOREX COMBO SYSTEM, you get 4 Proven-Winner Trading
    Systems for the Price of ONE.
    The four trading systems programmed into
    FOREX COMBO SYSTEM are mutually complementary and make excellent use of
    purposeful market movements.

    Forex Combo System is Protected by 60-Day Unconditional
    Money Back Guarantee!

    If you are not satisfied for any reason, send us a note, and we will gladly
    issue you a prompt refund.

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