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bestcbstore (bestcbstore) wrote,
@ 2012-07-18 22:30:00
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    Healing Heartbreak and Rebuilding Yourself


    Heartbreak and Rebuilding Yourself

    Join us... And we will personally guide
    you to get back together with your ex in the next 1 to 2 months (without resorting
    to manipulation, reverse psychology, or pretending to be someone you're not)


    Over the next 1 month, we'll hold your feet to the fire and guide
    you through one month of the No Contact Rule while quietly rebuilding you from
    the ground up to become the person that your ex will find irresistibly attractive.

    By the time you're done with this 1 month bootcamp, we'll walk
    you by the hand through the process of contacting your ex, rebuilding the connection,
    and getting back together in a non-needy way that the two of you can both feel
    great about.

    Each module includes:

    Solution Program Module 1 - Creating the Space for Reconciliation

    In order to get back together, you need to create a space to clear
    out all the pain and hurt feelings from the breakup and let your best
    authentic self shine through. In this module, you'll learn the ins and
    outs of the No Contact Rule in much more detail than most other people
    will ever describe it to you. By the time you're done with this module,
    you'll know:

    The real reason why your ex is avoiding you (probably not what you
    The one underlying cause of all breakups that trumps everything
    your ex tells you
    How to use the No Contact Time Machine technique
    to "fast-forward" through all the painful memories of your ex
    What to do if you can't use the No Contact Rule because you work
    with your ex or see them regularly
    What to do if your ex contacts you while you're doing No Contact
    How to "level the playing field" so that you no longer feel powerless
    or like your ex is holding all the cards

    "After I got the Ex Solution Program and really doing the exercises,
    I am in extreme gratitude. I had a light bulb go off in my head after each module.
    I would laugh and shake my head at every word I read because felt like it was
    about my own personal life.

    "I am a lot better thanks to this program. My relationship is
    headed back in the right direction and I would, and already have, recommended
    the Ex Solution Program to anyone who is either having problems in a relationship
    or just coming out of one."

    Anna, Phoenix, AZ

    Solution Program Module 2 - Healing Heartbreak and Rebuilding Yourself

    In module 2, we'll resolve all of that pain and anxiety that's keeping
    you up at night, making you have obsessive thoughts, and driving you crazy.
    You'll finally feel in control of your life again and end all of the agony
    you're experiencing. By the time you're done with this module, you'll

    The 4 simple things you can do to stop the pain and anguish you're
    A weird little trick that will siphon all the negative emotions
    out of you
    The cause of all bad feelings (once
    you stop doing this, you can instantly feel better)
    6 common mistakes that you could be accidentally making that are
    like rubbing salt in your emotional wounds
    How to literally burn away your negative feelings and leave yourself
    feeling euphoric for weeks

    Solution Program Module 3 - 3 Mindset Pillars for Success

    Once you clear out the pain from the breakup, there are 3 mindsets that
    will help you connect better with your ex, extinguish feelings of neediness,
    and help inspire unshakeable trust with your ex. If you don't "get" these,
    then everything else is going to be at least 10 times harder. After you
    go through this module and implement what it teaches, you will:

    "Wake up" from all the places you're "sleepwalking" through your
    breakup and unintentionally sabotaging yourself
    No longer feel like you need your ex back
    (and why this will make you immeasurably more attractive)
    Be able to express your feelings to your ex in a way that won't
    cause another one of "those" arguments
    Know how to tell your ex how you feel without coming off as weak,
    desperate, or clingy

    Solution Program Module 4 - Becoming Irresistible to Your Ex

    When you look back at your relationship, do you ever wonder how things
    could have changed so much? How could this person who once loved you so
    much, suddenly turn a cold shoulder to you? In module 4, we're turning back
    the hands of time and helping that person you used to be, who sent shivers
    down your ex' spine, really shine through. After going through this module
    you will know:

    The 3 things that you need to add to your life to make you stand
    head-and-shoulders above any other person your ex is seeing
    Why putting your ex or your relationship at the center of your life
    is "relationship suicide" that only guarantees resentment and breakup
    How your ex went from being head-over-heels in love with you to
    "we need to talk..."
    What you need to do to become the irresistibly attractive person
    your ex fell for back when you first got together

    Solution Program Module 5 - Kick-Starting Contact with Your Ex

    Does it seem like it's easier to break through a brick wall with
    your head than it is to get your ex to answer the phone? In module 5,
    we'll show you how to easily and effortlessly get back in touch with your
    ex, get them to enjoy talking to you again so that they actually look
    forward to reconnecting with you. Here you'll discover:

    The best way to contact your ex (is it with the "breakup letter,"
    a phone call, or something completely different?)
    Why pouring your heart out to your ex is the absolute worst way
    to contact them (and a much better way)
    Copy-and-paste templates you can send your ex to reopen the doors
    of communication
    When you should NEVER contact your ex and when
    you should
    How to emotionally prepare yourself to see them again and radically
    transform the way that they see you
    The 4 biggest mistakes you can make (that most people think help
    them) that completely destroy any connection and attraction with your

    Solution Program Module 6 - Meeting Your Ex and Creating Positive Interactions

    Does the thought of talking to your ex feel you with creeping dread
    as you worry about them rejecting you (yet again), or worse-rubbing your
    face in how great they're doing and showing off the new person they're dating?
    Here, we'll show you how to plan dates that will leave your ex wanting more
    and help make sure that the two of you both have a great time. Here you'll

    The best time of day to call your ex
    How to plan perfect dates that show your ex that you're the person
    they should be in a relationship with
    Why the best first date with your ex after the breakup is often
    the most boring thing you can think of
    The secret to banishing anxiety when you meet your ex for the first
    time and being funny and happy
    3 ways to know beyond a shadow of a doubt if your ex still likes
    you (and why it doesn't even matter if they do!)
    What to do if you have a bad experience with your ex and how to
    recover from it (and still get them back)

    Solution Program Module 7 - Getting Back Together (Getting Them to Say

    Sooner or later, it's time to have the talk. The one where you bring
    up the subject of getting back together. In module 7 we'll show you how
    to do this without coming off as needy or desperate, and how to actually
    get them feeling excited and hopeful about working things out again. Here
    you'll discover:

    How and when to bring up the subject of getting back together (so
    that they actually say "yes")
    How to get past all the hurt feelings and get you and your ex working
    together to make a new and stronger relationship
    What to do if you're in a long distance relationship (you've still
    got an excellent shot at getting them back)
    How to deal with the new person your ex is dating and get them to
    push your ex right back into your arms for you
    How to handle your ex's objections without starting a fight by using
    "verbal judo" to diffuse any complaint
    The one thing you can say to work through any relationship problem
    together with your ex (and no, it's not "I'm sorry" or "you were

    Solution Program Module 8 - Building a Stronger Relationship

    Believe it or not, getting back together isn't the end of the battle,
    you'll have to break all the habits and patterns that led up to the breakup
    if your relationship is going to thrive. If you don't do this, it's only
    a matter of a few weeks or months before you break up again. Here, we'll
    show you how to set your relationship up for long-term success, so you never
    have to worry about another breakup again. In this module you'll learn:

    How to stop all the patterns and habits that caused the breakup
    from ever happening in your relationship again
    How to stop arguments dead in their tracks before they ever get
    How to never get taken for granted again and make sure that your
    ex values everything you do for them
    How to keep that "spark" of connection strong no matter how long
    the two of you have been together
    How to rebuild trust in your relationship so that your relationship
    is as solid as a rock (even if one of you cheated)
    How to honestly express yourself without walking on eggshells or
    coming off like a jerk


    "You guys are my appointed 'relationship therapists.' I can say with full
    confidence, now that my boyfriend and I are back together, we're definitely
    on track for a stronger relationship. I've learned a lot about what I was doing
    wrong in my breakup and I learned a lot about myself which I never was aware
    of before. Thank you so much!"

    Taylor, Portland, OR

    know how difficult it can be to go through a breakup. We've been their ourselves.
    So, if you're not happy with the Ex Solution Program, then we don't want
    your money.

    Go through all the content and try it out for 8 weeks. If you don't feel
    like you've gotten your money's worth, just send us an email within 8
    weeks and you'll get every cent of your money back... no hard feelings.


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