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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote,
@ 2002-11-01 15:13:00
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    Current mood: complacent

    We went to the Howl-o-Scream thing at Busch Gardens last night with a few of Tracy's friends.

    The plan was to be home at 5:30 and leave at 6:00 so we could get there a little early. I ran into problems at work (it was month end, so I had to set up the printer for statements, but someone had changed the settings on it and it was refusing to print all the way across the page). I didn't end up leaving until almost six. On the way home I encountered someone who needs to die a horrible death. Some woman was riding her bike down Ninth Street pretty much in the middle of the right lane, so you had to change lanes to get around her. Considering it was still more or less rush hour and it was Halloween, there was a ton of traffic, and she was essentially blocking half the road, even in spots where the road widened to the point she could easily have moved over to let people safely pass her.

    I got home a little after six, but it was okay because Wendy's friends were screwing around and we didn't end up leaving until about 7:00. We still managed to get there just past 7:30 when it started, though.

    Jay, Matt and I were all about the beer and roller coasters - we could only get Tracy and Wendy on a few of them. Wimps. ;-) Had a great time, though. Got pretty damn drunk, too. They had "yard glasses" of beer which were actually only half a yard and plastic, but they had nice little straps so you could hang them around your neck. I'd had three beers before we got there and another when we got in, then three of the yards. Jay kept asking me if I was going to be okay for our last ride on Montu, but I got through just fine - even held my hands in the air for the whole ride.

    In other news, I got a spam yesterday telling me "Increase your penis 3 inches in 23 days". Today I got one saying "Increase your penis 3 inches in 22 days". I'm not sure what's going to happen three weeks from tomorrow, but I better get to work on that.

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