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benvolio72 (benvolio72) wrote,
@ 2011-07-26 03:52:00
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    Current mood:bitchy

    Single Parent Life to the Brim

    It is very difficult to be a single parent even as all parents face the hurdles of parenting. Raising your child, dealing with finances and your job are all issues you must deal with in addition to other aspects of your life. In this piece, single parents will garner tips that will assist them in creating a easier life.

    A child needs role models of both genders, and the lack of this type of role model is something that many single parents are concerned about. This can work in both instances, even though most single parents are women. Whether a child is raised by one or two parents, there is still the need for positive influences from more people of both genders. To have a family that can be there for you as role models and fill in when you can't be there is great. A single parent can get guidance for the child from an aunt or uncle, and this might not be the best, but at least it gives the child some stability. A teacher or a counselor may have to become the role model, when there is no family or friend that can do it.

    If your "ex" is still involved with your child, do everything you can to keep things civil and harmonious. Dealing with two parents who make furious comments about one another is horrific for a child. Buying gifts and other items should not be used as a competition between you and your ex. When speaking about your ex to your children say little unless it is positive. Even if there is cause, it does not help them to hear blaming and complaining. Give them credit, even if they have many faults, for helping you have this child.

    Dating someone new can be awkward when you're a single parent. The issue of if or when to introduce your child to the new person will arise. bodybuilding recipes It is good to understand that your child does not need to meet people you have only recently begun to date. Your child may become disappointed if the person is not around for long is just one of problems. However, if you are serious about a particular person it is time your child should slowly get to know the person. Obviously, if someone is going to form a new family with you, then they'll have to be good with your kids as well.

    Even though single parents have a lot to deal with, from financial issues to making all the decisions about how to raise their child, there's now more support available than ever before. With the continually growing number of parents raising their children alone, finding a support system made up of people in the same situation. No matter what your circumstances, it's easier to make the best of them when you focus on the possibilities rather than the problems.

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