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Jessica<33 (benjisxsexxxie) wrote,
@ 2003-12-04 20:50:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:Good Charlotte-*hOld On

    PreTTy deceNt daY->>
    I still feel kinda crappy...but i made it through the i guess that`s a good thing. < CRAZY night at crack me up! haha i love you though...even tho u smacked my ass...and you were on crack or something all night;-) lol. i can`t wait til Fridays when we work`s gonna be crazy! haha. ANYWAYSS....hopefully i`m gettin my nose pierced this weekend. =) shhh* nobody knows yet =) well my mom does...but it all depends on how much $$ i have if i even get a check tomorrow. i don`t know if i worked last week or not. lol.. uhh..yeah but i really want this mom might even pay for some of it =) yay!!! wow. it`s amazing how easily amused i get by those things. uhh yeah anyways...i don`t have to work tomorrow, but i`m gonna go pick up my check if i even have one...then go with kyle for a the mall or whatever. then probably go to teshas when she gets out of work. then Saturday i godda work...4- whenever...most likely til 8 or 9. hopefully we're slow so i can leave early..i dont even know. but i hate working saturdays. it`s so boring, cause i`m in my part of the kitchen all by myself. i like friday nights better cuz April, Jayme, or Holly are there. And we're always talking....loud. I think it annoys people...but oh well =).. well i`m gonna wait for my mom to get home, then talk to her about this piercing... i`ll write tomorrow sometime =)

    <33 j3ssic4*

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