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Ben Berg (benberg23) wrote,
@ 2011-08-22 14:47:00
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    Local Mobile Marketing Plan Philippines
    Launching a successful local mobile marketing plan philippines isn't rocket science. From pizza shops to pet sitters all business owners currently advertise in some way, so what makes it any different? Nothing.

    Well, except for a few things...

    This simple blueprint will provide you with a foundation to expand upon for any mobile marketing campaign. Keep in mind, it's far less complicated than marketing agencies make it out to be. And best of all, it's more profitable and less expensive than conventional advertising. There is no need to get overwhelmed, the fact is it's really no different then any other marketing endeavor.

    These are the basics summed up in these words...

    • Research

    • Planning

    • Implementation

    • Track

    • Measurement

    • Analyze

    Sounds simple right? Now, let's walk step-by-step and put it all together. Learn exactly how to implement your marketing strategy.

    The first step before you dive in is to make sure you've done your homework. Ask yourself these two questions which will streamline your process.

    • What are your mobile goals? If you don't have a goal you're wasting your time and money.

    • Who is your target market? If you're target market can't be reached than you fail.

    Don't jump on board to "be like everyone else"- this is the wrong approach. You need purpose, and a goal. For instance, are looking to increase sales by X% through the use of mobile coupons? Keep in mind, every goal needs to be measurable.

    Okay, so you know your audience and goals...

    Mobile Action Plan

    1. Setup a mobile website if you already haven't. If cost is a concern I recommend you hire a freelance designer. A simple mobile website with 5 pages optimized for various mobile devices shouldn't take long to build. Some marketing agencies offer this free with a package bundle, or if you use a CMS like WordPress there are add on features that automatically optimize and redirect visitors to a mobile version of your site.

    2. Make sure you have all your social media accounts setup like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    3. Select a company to work with. Avoid per message fees and look for a fixed price to start. Often small business owners get sucked into paying for services they will never use.

    Smartphone Etiquette: Avoiding Negative Customer Response

    Some things to avoid:

    • Educate and remind, don't assume customers understand how to interact with your marketing.

    • Phones are personal, do not spam, things like text should be sent once a month which is common best practice.

    • Discounts should exceed conventional advertising.

    Remember, mobile marketing is not right for every business and not a single strategy, but coupled with social and internet it can explode sales in today's world.

    Packages as follows:
    (Per text of 160 characters- counted as 1 text message sent)

    Package A: 500 mobile blast per week X 4 weeks = 2,000 messages / month = P 3,000.00
    Package B: 1,000 mobile blast per week X 4 weeks = 4,000 messages / month = P 6,000.00
    Package C: 2,000 mobile blast per week X 4 weeks = 8,000 messages / month = P 12,000.00
    Package D: 3,000 mobile blast per week X 4 weeks = 12,000 messages / month = P 18,000.00
    Package E: 4,000 mobile blast per week X 4 weeks = 16,000 messages / month = P 24,000.00

    New to Mobile Advertising in the Philippines?
    Get “Package A” for 1 month. FREE!!!

    Contact Ericsson Cachapero at:

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