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Jamie (bellavita1) wrote,
@ 2004-04-28 12:51:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:John Mayer - Clarity

    its been sooo long
    Sooo i went through and deleted all the old stuff in here and decided to make a fresh new start :)

    today is going okay, woke up and as soon as i peeked my little face out of my room i got in a fight with my mom b/c i want to take a shower when i wasnt "scheduled to".. yeaaaahhh good one. then i went to school, sat through a boring class and gym, then went to study hall. marissa, corey and I played frisbee in the senior lounge and then i went home.. babysat alexis, and now i have to get ready-- tanning and a meeting at school at 2.. i dont know whats going on with me and jay, we're fighting again i guess.. i just feel neglected when he gets wrapped up in school or whatever, but i dunno.. just a mood im in i guess. Feels like i've lost touch with a lot of people this year, but i guess i dont really care.. Plattsburgh for me next year, a whole new life. thank god.. i cant wait to graduate and leave this place...

    is it the weekend yet? have to work friday but prolly going to Casey's after cause his parents are away for like 2 weeks or something.. then having breakfast w/ my girls on sat. who knows what else.

    shower time! see ya

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