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Holly (behindblueyes22) wrote,
@ 2004-03-04 21:01:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:I like about you - lillix

    Missing you....
    Im aching... really. Like theres this dull ache in my chest and its from missing him. :( All i want right now is to be curled up on his bed watching some DVD with his arms wrapped around me and him kissing my shoulder randomly.... UGHHH - how will I make it through this summer???

    got my registration for Senior year at Cabrini today. Im in need of a car and for once Im not going to be lazy about this - I sat down with my dad and we figured I made 3 thos at the Phillies last year not including tips... so thats good... Ill save that up and then I'll get another job... work my tush off all summer - keep myself busy - hopefully lose more weight and not be moping about READ all the time. Plus Sean got Laura her car for 2 thos even though it was a stinky neon... so Im sure he can get me a nice deal too - or my uncle who works for Ford. Then I'll just have to worry bout half my insurance and some gas money - Wheeeeee - I know I can do this... I want it so bad so I KNOW I'll do it. Its a must for my senior year anyway cause of my internship... I cant WAIT to be out in the working world designing things *wheeeee*

    after tonight 1 more day til Im back at school and 2 more til I see my baby :)

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