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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-31 10:06:00
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    Guanglie etc successively attend the activity of fashion week
    The silkworm seed price policies of 2007 years must strict be carried out in the various places , and the propaganda strengthened to the silkworm seed price policy is led and is supervised and checks up , and add price or outside price to to follow kind to sale with aged goods silkworm medicine the etcs silkworms need the equal illegal activities check of service fee goods and materials and receives separately according to law seriously to investigate and prosecute at will The China spinning and weaving newspaper banner : Crow export of four months sheep article of 06/07 before sheep's wool season increases the content greatly : According to Uruguay << the newest news >> reports in 2007 3 months 9 daily paper , Uruguay sheep product achieves ten thousand dollars of 9,860 such as sheep's wool and sheep's wool products , mutton and sheepskin etc export total sums to four moons of 2006 Nian Yu sheep's wool season in 2007 , the increasing rate compared with the last period 6.2% . comforter sets

    Among them , the export of sheep's wool and sheep's wool products reaches ten thousand dollars of 6,740 , and occupies 68.3%,'s increasing rate compared with the last period 6.5% of sheep product export . What occupies second of export is mutton , and is up to 20320 thousand dollars , and occupies 20.6%,'s increasing rate compared with the last period 17.7% of sheep product export . The major market of dirty Mao Xi's hair and carding sheep's wool export still is a China , next is Italy The major market of sheep's wool textile export is the Mexico ( 22.7% ) and the United States ( 21.4% ) , Brazil ( 16.9% ) and Argentina ( 12.15 ) . Among them increasing the quickest nation is the United States , and increases the range and reaches 130% . The commercial affairs ministries banners : 67 of four teachers' agriculture pass on the content to cotton grower in place : 4 months 10 days , bed in a bag

    Yi Licha cloth was examined your county 40 multidigit villages and towns villagers arriving 67 study four teachers' agriculture the cotton produces the science and technology The science and technology was newly passed on in 67 villager's friendly intercourses with the villages and towns in periphery place many years , no matter what technology problem being run into , what newly technology metropolis has has no to retain passes on a technical personnel's all wholeheartedly settlements to villager , one with having composed soldier jointly parent . Being worth spring ploughing spring sowing rush season , this vice regimental commander of round Zhangs that Hua Xin leads villager personally , and has looked at this year that this round is carried out twoly detain membranes trial ground on the spot and sowing the field and drips irrigation ground , the detail has been explained a new technology that the field recommended in the this year spring ploughing spring sowing to villager . Following at the same time the man-made seed selection and the sowing and Tian Guan to gather in the crops each link gives villager's specification , bed sets

    and that the cotton technology passes that the place passes receiving to them is planted that by handle first-in . Villagers conscientious have listened to that this vice regimental commander of round Zhangs explaining of Hua Xin , and putting forward the problem often , taking notes having at the notebook , villagers have had a deep field science and technology class moved 67 propaganda section banners : China of 4th fall due youth clothing fashion week the content is closed tactfully : By a round center , the whole nation green unities , and NingBo municipal Party committee and municipal government sponsor , and round provincial Party committee and round municipal Party committee the person who undertakes " youth China " China youth clothing fashion Zhou Yu of 4th fall due was tactfully closed yesterday afternoon . You are willing to that the in river vomits the flood pulling to the green antithetical couplet vice chairman of day-to-day business of the round center secretariat secretary and whole nation , and leaders such as vice secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor Mao Guanglie etc successively attend the activity of fashion week . bed in a bag sets

    Aim at in current fashion week starting with to the clothing dress and personal adornment with liking of fashion civilization , and carries forward the China dress and personal adornment civilization further , and cranes neck to look into the distance youth's fashion trend , and deepens youth's civilization action , and cultivate youth dress designing person of ability , and advocating the clothing fashion and the way of life of health civilization by way of conducting series clothing dress and personal adornment and youth's fashion civilization activity from youth The banner : Haining : The preceding April warp knitting export increases seven one-tenth contents : Haining was from seeking 6.85 hundred million dollars of number export , increasing rate compared with the last period 24.68% China spinning and weaving newspaper message this year before 4 months . Among them the textile export increases particularly warp knitting export of fast 26.78%,'s , and has increased 73.6%, designer comforters

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