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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-28 10:40:00
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    products of Sheng Hong chemical fiber limited company development
    the China fine meeting of internationalize of 14 fall dues will be held in 12 days and 13 days , and holds more earlier than the date scheduled in world chemical fiber association chairman of the 7th fall due meeting up to the present sky . During the meeting , the China chemical fiber trade will be issued << declaration of Xiao Shan's >> , and shows that the China chemical fiber enterprise does good save energy to subtract to arrange to chemical fiber circle in world and the determination and the confidence of environmental protection . The China chemical fiber association will for the first time introduce the white paper of chemical fiber trade , and the present situation , concrete technology to introduce the China chemical fiber trade save energy environmental protection completely and technology and the trade save energy subtracts coming guiding ideology developed of objective and guidance policy and trade arranged etc . The fine meeting of China internationalize is sponsored by the textile industry ministry . comforter sets

    The meeting major passes through the present situation and development foreground that the world chemical fiber industry were discussed in reports , thesis and method researchs of technology exchange or special performance forum , new product , technology newly , technology newly and equipment , new material etc newly . The fine meeting of China internationalize that possesses 20 remaining years history is world chemical fiber industry circle as well as chemical fiber high and low's one of parade industrial chain of industry and generally acknowledged authoritative meeting that possesses the whole world influence most of supply chain . The subject of this meeting is " technology advance and save energy environmental protection " , and hopes with the major energy of enterprise to lead the chemical fiber trade to subtract the technology arranged to save energy to grind coming up with the application with this , and subtracts save energy row combining with the economic performance of enterprise , and realizes the environment and the duplexing of enterprise interest winning . bed in a bag

    The meeting still will center on the world economy whole worldization , market and the amalgam and the development of industrial chain , and chemical fiber trade economy is developed away problems such as power as well as some hot spots of current line industry and difficult point etc and is gone deep into inquiring into , and lays equal stress on a little discussing save energy and falling to consume and subtracts rows , clean production and environment cordially being up to standard the appearance , and condensing the common understanding , and reinforcement cooperation promotes to develop jointly and makes prosper . Why is the China fine meeting of internationalize of 14 fall dues selected Xiao Shan and conduct ? China chemical fiber association president of an association Zheng Zhiyi's theory , because Xiao Shan possesses the position holding the balance in the trade at the chemical fiber in whole nation at the chemical fiber industry . bed sets

    The Xiao Shan chemical fiber product can occupy that the 14.2%,'s profit that total 12%,'s output value producing the ability of whole nation chemical fiber occupied the whole nation occupies that Xiao Shanshi 19%, of the whole nation chemical fiber trade our country chemical fiber trade high quality produces the gathering ground of ability . The banner : . comments Sheng Hong's four products chemical fibers by way of economizing a level appraisal content : In 2006 12 months 2 days , receiving Jiangsu to economize the economical trade committee to entrust , Suzhou city economical trade committee organisations was founded the appraisal committee has been in progress the appraisal to four new products of Sheng Hong chemical fiber limited company development . bed in a bag sets

    The aspect that the aspect that the aspect that four new products are respectively melts that the aspect directly spins flat silk of 75D/36F's and melts directly spins the supers thin fibre of 150D/288F and melts directly spins three FDYs 150D/96F and melts is directly spun 150D/144F and is moisture-absorbinged the row sweat terylene long filament . Flat this product of silk of 75D/36F uses special high ratio " one typeface " to spurt a board and produces the flat silk of terylene , and the product possesses unique gloss effect , and feels with very good Mao Zhili , and achieves the internal leading standard . The product is tested through the fibre inspection is economized in Jiangsu , and it is standard that the solid survey technology quota fits the article that the enterprise is first-class , and achieving the technology quota that the item was made known to lower levels , this product batch process can replace the import , and the product has got the favourable comment of vast user after throwing in the market , designer comforters

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