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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-25 10:07:00
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    moment can speak to enter this three big domain
    few district even has fallen ten thousand yuan of important passs broken . But be the cotton futures that after falling as a result of earlier stage rise and fall more than 12000 yuan per ton continuously , and has led that the off-the-shelf market price stops falling that the off-the-shelf price of part of district has still appeared slowly to move upward , thus has effectively protected the cotton grower and the interest of enterprise . Therefore , the concerned ministries and commissions of nation once to Zheng Shang cotton futures the person who makes for stable cotton off-the-shelf price the protruding contributions have given fully affirming . Zheng Shang place still goes up month conduct in 30 days in year around going on the market for celebrating the cotton futures " year video frequency meeting of cotton futures around going on the market " , and China cotton spinning weaves that the vice president of an association of association Zhu Lanfen attends doing the speech . comforter sets

    The banner : Four " strange " appearance achievement guest's treasure dress and personal adornment contents : Walking into guest treasure dress and personal adornment Shantou headquarters in Guangdong to promise the big office region , spacious hall , clean ground , vivid wall of the top grade , in good order layout planning , the face is taken every staff of smile , the before the eyes one bright feeling all without exception to person , and seemingly all with relates in the legend four of guest's treasure blames the appearance not to pull the relation to these . Reporter understands going deep into as a result of several days , and has uncovered this four fan's rounds at last , and originally this four strange appearance with guest treasure chairman of the board of directors is held concurrently unexpectedly , and She Xujin CEO does not have nothing to do with the system . bed in a bag

    Strange like one : The driver of the not CEO chairman of the board of directors of right to speak Ah flat is clear and remembers , and once She Zong is wound to such an extent that does not have the method by schoolmate held a post in certain magazine organized body advertisement ministry , and lets the brand ministry arrange some advertisement vocational work doing to schoolmate , and but by the brand part has refused . " because I will be responsible for for the result , the fixed position location fixed a position with our brand of that magazine does not agree with at all , and can not do certainly ! " Brand ministry manager has confirmed this matter to us : " similar this kind of feeling shape also has quite a few degrees , and the similar affair was also occurred in other department . " later reporter saw that Mr. She Xujin asks during the upper affair , She Zongda : " I have given up self the right to speak in the specialty , the item reconcilation definitely problem of specialty of professional person decision specialty . bed sets

    " Understanding this kind of management method that is She Zong in the mouth of other colleagues of treasure from guest , and to guest treasure staff having provided giving play to the biggest chance of ability with moving upward in the space , but at the same time chance is also brought pressure to staff , and forces staff to raise self specialty knowledge and susceptibbility to the market . Strange like two : The market fixed position location of fixed position location in narrow space between two adjacent things what is said guest treasure , She Xujin plays theory that is " in the narrow space between two adjacent things the fixed position location " . Leisure brand priority such as the red bondservant of 92 Nian Qizuo and real ties up this and fort lion dragon etc enter internally from Guangdong , and have lifted one strand of leisure wind . The internal leisure domain of the left and right sides in 2000 has formed the commercial affairs leisures and sports three big patterns such as leisure and masses' leisure etc , and the state of increase is also appeared steadily in his market ,bed in a bag sets

    and leads to the brand that some are newly old to swarm the follow-up . At this moment can speak to enter this three big domain , is a very insurable tactics as for management person . But She Xujin is not by wind on : " very hard lasting with wind ! " , it is at this moment sober that he paid attention to to age between 25 years - and the young man of about 35 years old looks very awkward in the dress : Wearing the commercial affairs to lie fallow to load to look too ripe and moves to lie fallow to look frivolous , the masses lie fallow inadequately the grade basic , they seemingly eagerlys desire one kind has the taste but inexperienced and fashion but not frivolous and fits self clothing of nature and social status . " exactly fashion leisure " She Xujin says certainly . He has found the fixed position location of guest's treasure in following three kinds of gaps of leisure domain actually : The essence colony of a social intercourse that this is to receive the good education to the fashion leisure in the objective customer crowd locking 25-35 year young fashion man colony and wise and farsighted and brisk and is good at . designer comforters

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