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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-13 09:47:00
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    The huge crab seat is economized in a lot of place metropolises
    and make skin lose the merit ability that restrains the bacteria , thus to human body health giving rise to badly influences ; Fibre content does not agree with to close the standard generally to be the chemical fibre lower with price pretending to be cotton fiber or other natural fiber , and has so reduced the taking capability that shirt and T pity the sleeveless jacket , and has done harm to the economic interest of consumer . To the unsuited check products found in this monitoring ? The province industry and commerce bureau has instructed the concerned place industry and commerce department according to law to investigate and prosecute . The banner : Mechanical industry first half of the year profit increase by the four one-tenth contents of Anhui : Since the this year , the Anhui province machine building is adjusted the product structure further , and the save energy done a good job of is fallen to consume subtracting to arrange , and has realized the not only good but also quick development . comforter sets

    Full trade 746.54 hundred million yuan of the industry gross output value accomplishing is more than Quan Sheng's industry and increases 23 one percentage points 1~6's moon than the last corresponding period increases 44%, Accomplishing 726.4 hundred million Yuan sale output value sells 69000 million yuan of income , and increases respectively 42.29% and 37.4%, Rises in price at the raw material in the first half of the year and the cost is paid under the circumstances about groing in number , and still realizes 3200 million yuan of profit , and increases by 40% . It is powerful that the emphatic product increases the power , and each branch industry universally increases . Engineering machinery quick increases , and electricians electrical equipment , machine tool tool and Shi Hua universal machine tool , agricultural machinery , for civil use machinery and mechanical foundation part etc all have the increase . bed in a bag

    The one batch of people seeks enterprise and joint venture and suddenly comes to the fore as new force , and becomes the fresh and combat-worthy troops that Quan Sheng's machine building is new in various kind of system of ownership enterprise The mechanical and electrical product export constantly increases . The full trade was accomplished 76.32 hundred million yuan of delivery value export in the first half of the year , and increased by 93.33% than the last corresponding period . Exporting product structure and market distributes also constantly optimization , and high additional value and the high efficiency benefit product export grows in number . 6.8 ten thousand of export of in the whole car of automobile Quan Sheng's occupied 1/3, in whole nation in the first half of the year The forklift export makes profit in foreign currency 65880 thousand dollars Excavator and APT and instrument appearance etc all become the owner of export and beat the product . bed sets

    The banner : The 12 constellations bold and unconstrained residences of star are than putting together ( four ) content : The land that huge crab seat bold and unconstrained residence star father's last year 3 months of Zhou Xingchi with 3.2 hundred million Hong Konies dollar mark to Hong Kong general Le Dao 10 " day " than high , and the super bold and unconstrained residence of summit of a mountain area is developed in ling electricity thing industry cooperation jointly , and had better the seat be taken the place in the bold and unconstrained residence area of this summit of a mountain by the bold and unconstrained residence of star father , and can overlook the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong Victoria port , the scene of day respectively has the different amorous feelings with the night scene , and still has one kind of earth to the greatest extent imposing manner under the foot The constellation explanatory notes : The huge crab seat is economized in a lot of place metropolises , bed in a bag sets

    and only house is they the biggest seek , and gives person from family smooth and steady their a the happiest affair of environment stone , and the person who itself is in charge of Tian Zhai more is logical as for them so buying the bold and unconstrained residence exactly huge crab seat The banner : Spinning and weaving circle in central Europe signs four cooperative memorandum contents : China textile industry association president of an association Du Yuzhou has held the talks Beijing and Germany , France , Switzerland , Austria and Spain etc " spinning and weaving alliance in central Europe " delegation members the other day , and both sides' intellectual property protections , environment policy and medical treatment hygiene , industry with trade policy content have been in progress exchanging consulting . The talks finishs offspring , Du Yuzhou has signed respectively << the middle law intellectual property understand the memorandum >> with the guild of countries such as France ,designer comforters

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