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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-08 13:42:00
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    Two bursts of physical strength in above market
    and the consumption requirement can continue keeps smooth and steady than the fast increase under the all advantageous policy promotion , but is obtained employment shortcoming as well as the influence of problem ( the income gap enlarges , consumption is expected not strongly ) over a long period of time in some , consumes inside the short-term increase will assume small width of cloth time transfers walks the power . His are four years old , and investment increase will continue the appropriate measure falls after a rise , and being to increase the speed still partially height because of the investment requirement at present , the appropriate measure control investment increase still is a major content of macroeconomics policy , and this can make the investment continue lowering the temperature , and secondly in the act on down of market physical strength , the investment of focal point actions such as real estate etc the increase adjustment has begun , namely market factor will make invests increases falls after a rise step by step . comforter sets

    In a word , sees that our country economic growth will be followed continuously keeping the high increase of 10% to adjust in 3 years this year , and steps periodicity adjustment stage in the short cycle of following downward . To the periodicity adjustment of economic growth , we will have clear-headed and correct knowledge , perhaps can not adjust , more can not vicarious menstruation the person who crosses a river market ( also the being one kind of natural nature ) adjustment law , and that the anti- period policy is major carries on the appropriate measure regulation and control in the highest region and the lowst region that increases , and the states should fully give play to the effect that adjusted selfhood in the market among other , otherwise structure contradiction will continue accumulating . We think , and the long-term increase gone on is falled after a rise not only to be favour of to the appropriate measure that economically increases speed , and also is favour of the adjustment of economic structure and the economic growth method changes . bed in a bag

    Economical moving towards in future to depend on that the angle in the short cycle that macroscopic regulation and control being followed is seen , the peak value of this economic growth has been gone over two Fang Jiaoli , and craning neck to look into the distance the leading industry of economic growth to slow if trades such as the steels , automobile , chemical industry and sources of energy etc the investment increase is clear , the price is falled after a rise , the product can the acceleration releases and appears excess , the trade beneficial result glide slope station . Meanwhile , the real estate is invested and consumes all to have appeared clear trend lowering the temperature . And the excess a large number of funds of yet explanation of market mobility are not found the profit chance , and have no choice but to precipitate at the banking system . The inherent increase motive force of market weakened step by step at present time this kind of list of cases the Ming Dynasty . bed sets

    But see , and develops the quota various " National day five " economized all to be more than the increase objective of 7.5% that put forward in the center among them has 21 province economic growth objectives to be more than the highest province of 10%, being up to 13% in 31 province and citys from the local government . If decomposing the quota city and the county , the still get yield layer upon layer extracode . In the last year solid fixed capital and property investment of town , the place item is invested the specific gravity occupying to move upward further to 89.1% for two month these specific gravitys of 87.6%, before this year . Thus it can be seen it is still powerful that present time local government invests excitedly , and becomes the contrary big and powerful promotion physical strength that moved towards in the market . bed in a bag sets

    Two bursts of physical strength in above market and the local government is contrary to interweaving together , and proper if macroscopic regulations and control is grasped , economic not only quick but also good operating state can continue If it is unsuitable to grasp , aggravating economy vibrates probably . To the first half of the year as well as the annual economic growth calculates according to the mentioned above analysis , and GDP increased about 9.3% to the initial estimation in the first half of the year , and increases about 9% all the year , and increases speed falling after a rise to some extent , but still was in than the high increase standard than the last year . Firstly , the investment increases speed the acting on in the contiuation followed tightly the macroeconomics policy meeting to follow at present the high position appropriate measure and falls after a rise , and the society decided capital and property investment increase about 23% admittedly entirely in estimation first half of the year , designer comforters

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