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Kalie the Moody (beautifulmidnit) wrote,
@ 2003-02-19 16:56:00
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    Current mood: amused

    Computers plotting against us :p (I should've used a cut code)
    Kalie [9:29 PM]: my compy hates me. the mother fucker~!

    Rei [9:29 PM]: I know the feeling ><

    Kalie [9:30 PM]: funny thing, i said that all compy's were evil and then it messed up XD

    Rei [9:30 PM]: This proves that they're all in it together

    Kalie [9:30 PM]: yes, they're plotting against us~!

    Rei [9:31 PM]: Pfft. They had their chance with Y2k.

    Kalie [9:31 PM]: but apparently, they were too lazy

    Rei [9:31 PM]: Sounds about right.

    Kalie [9:32 PM]: and now, they regret that and are trying to make up for that night by torturing us everyday~! *gasp*

    Rei [9:33 PM]: Oh yes, with their little 404 errors and constant freezing

    Kalie [9:35 PM]: and their deleting our important files and them avoiding checking to see if we have viruses. and tell us we don't and then the next day, we have one.

    Rei [9:35 PM]: Most evil.

    Kalie [9:38 PM]: i always knew they were nothing but trouble, but why didn't i see their evil plots all along?

    Rei [9:39 PM]: Because they're sneaky, scheming bastards

    Kalie [9:42 PM]: they thought they could hide it and cover it...and make people believe they were good useful equipment, well...they could've fooled me

    Rei [9:43 PM]: They're just looking for a chance to let the bombs loose on us... They've got a good shot now, while ol' Bush is in charge

    Kalie [9:44 PM]: oh, yes, they know how much of an idiot he is...oh, wait~! maybe, they were the ones who messed up the votes in order to get him to be elected...maybe they planned this all along

    Rei [9:45 PM]: Maybe the did...

    Rei [9:45 PM]: *they

    Kalie [9:47 PM]: interesting, they were using us all along to achieve world domination...oh, the irony

    Rei [9:47 PM]: Heh. Scheming, covert bastards

    Kalie [9:51 PM]: *gasp* my god, they must of used hitler~!!

    Rei [9:51 PM]: There wasn't much in the way of computers in his day ^^;

    Kalie [9:52 PM]: yeah, i know. ^^;

    Kalie [9:52 PM]: but...they could've gone into the past and changed it ^^



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