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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 14:40:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:*Cauterize¤Promise.Me*

    ~ . : * : . ~ i M b A c K ! ~ . : * : . ~
    why hello stranger! whats up? i ve been gone for so long, but i never forgot ya! i have so much to tell you.

    ¤aug. 5-7¤
    cheerleading camp was so awesome, we won like all these awards and i got a chance to be in the NCA (National Cheerleading Association) but i decided not to because of all the $ and time and stuff. so i was pretty happy. i met this one girl there, Cara. she was amazing. lol she was outgoing and funny. shes coming to our homecoming game. she was the only one from another team who talked to us. we had a blast i cant wait to go back next year!

    ¤aug. 8-19¤
    camping with brian was fun! we went to chitaqua lake. we went fishing, swimming, tubing, and had smores by the fire, and all was good... but... we had this terrible storm, it was here in buffalo too. but it was a terrible rain storm that flodded everything! it started to hail too! it was crazy. but we taped everything. on the 14 there was the "blackout of 2003" the worst blackout in history! all of chitaqua county and jamestown was out! it was fun i guess all of the east coast was out except buffalo! it was fun. we even went to the mall and out to dinner. we're gonna go back on labor day weekend for 4 days. cant wait!
    i got the Cauterize cd, on the 19th right when it came out! wohoo! brian drove me to the mall, and they didnt have it, so i went to media play like 10 minutes before they closed and they had 6 left! im like fuck yeah baby! lol it was $9.88. im listening to it now :o)

    ¤aug. 20¤
    cheerleading, and i got in trouble because i told cat and miss harting, but duh, they were both on vacation the same time i was gone. nikki was mad, but i have like 16 cheers and 5 dances to get down :o\

    ¤aug. 21¤
    i was at brians aunts. (after that one storm this tree split in like 4 ways over the trails, so brian went to help cut it down) so i was there for a while, then came home checked mmy 400 and something emails and went to bed. oh yeah! i had to change my password cause something happened with the damn emails. it was crazy, now i have to remember it. o well.

    i had cheerleading until noon, but like always i had to drive someone home. so i got home at like 1 30. then the phone rings and its this dude! "this is deanna" im like "umm" so deanna gets on the phone. "can we come see you we're at seneca and bailey" so im like "yeah!" lol so i talked to them until 2:30. my mom should be here any minute now because i have an eye doctors appt. its just down the street a little ways so it wont take long. tahnk god. i have to go to this ladies house to watch her kid... i need $ :o\ and i need to learn cheers with someone from my team. this would be me and brians ann. so we might get together if i have time =o/

    i have to go to uncle kim and aunt debbies house for a bit of a reunion! :o) i cant wait, i havent seen them in forever!

    ¤but for now¤
    ill go because i need food, and my mom will be here in a jiffy. my house *for some reason, not sure what* smells like Aunt Annie's Pretzles YUMMY!

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