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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-09-03 22:09:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:sum 41- thanks for nothing

    * U P D A T E*
    Wednesday, September 3, 2003
    9:59:43 PM EDT
    Feeling Happy
    Hearing Sum 41-Mr. AMsterdam

    Hey there! its me, i just wanted to tell you all about what happened at shawns party... well, i left ambers house and i went to shawns around 2 30 or so. there was hardly anyone there, and shawn wasnt home (it was his suprise party) so then people started to show up and finally, shawn got there. we all had fun, and there was this nasty guy there. well, he wasnt nasty, he was just creepy. he told me to sit on his lap and im like no blah blah blah. so he was like creeping the shit out of me for the longest time. and he knew i went out with brian ;o) good idea huh? yeah so im like "you know i have a bf" and amanda told him too! well nah, that doesnt stop him one bit. in fact, he becomes quite violent "i can break your boyfriend in half..." so im like laughing, and so is everyone else around me "umm have you ever seen my boyfriend?" and hes like "yeah ill snap his neck...." so im like "yeah ok whatever" so anywho, later that night, we threw bryant in the pool. then all the guardians had to leave to bring people home and shit. well, while they were gone, some people showed up that only some people knew about. like im talking about a van load full. so then someone mysteriously called the cops and claimed that the people were unwelcome there. so then the guardians came back just as the cops pulled in the driveway. and we all had to clean up and leave. no one knows who called, they said that it was from a cell phone. so we all left.

    I went to that modeling interview for launch and im accepted. im gonna go for a few classes of runway, print, and acting. they cost like $60.00 a class. so im gonna work at the store so i can pay it all off. im so excited, i feel only good vibes toward this upcoming experience :o)

    3:50:51 PM EDT
    Feeling Happy
    Hearing the spanish channel that my dad is watching behind me

    1st day of school!
    first day of school! today was a cool day, however, i have A luch, while all the other sophmores are in B or C :o\ so im with freshman and a handful of sophmores. thats ok, i dont have ortiz for spanish :: weep :: so i have my gullo :: smirkes :: i have no classes with bob :: sob :: and only 1 with darrell :: sob once again :: and none with justin :: sob why not another time :: but.... i have like 5 classes with xylikah!! :: a jump up wohoo! :: well, i have to go get ready for my modeling appt. bye!

    Sunday, August 31, 2003
    2:57:19 PM EDT
    Feeling Chillin'
    Hearing Amber in the shower

    hello there! im at ambers house. last night was melindas party and it was great. me and amber hung out together like the whole time. we had such a great time. i taught her some of my cheers and we did hand games all night by the campfire. people started showing up at like after 1am. and these werent ordinary people, they were freaks ilke "stumpy" people lol and sam was there shes so funny sometimes, but she was making fun of them. well, i slept like an hour becaue i was so hungry, seriously i was ilke so sick. and then we had to leave early cause melinda had to go to work, so me and amber came here to her dads house. were gonna go to the movies tonight, hte cheap ones, and then im sleeping over. but i have to finish dling the newer version of kazaa for her so ill ttul hun xoxo

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