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Beautiful (beautiful04) wrote,
@ 2004-06-08 21:55:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:nada...

    love is Never enuf...
    Yea well...been long long time since I updated. I crashed my car about 3 months after i last updated...definately railed a telephone pole...totalled the car. Yea, jason sucks. He pissed me off. What a way to get over my anger rite? Anyhow...definately had to pay fines and go to court and ALMOST lost my fucking license... Duh! Anyways... a while after that we broke up and then got back together. And then, he left for florida, all the while i find out that he'd been sleepin around with all these OTHER FUCKING GIRLS! AUGH! Then he came home and we talked it over and blah blah blah i told him i needed to be alone and shit. Well, that didn't work too well cuz we ended up seeing eachother for an additional 2 months. Then, we fought and fought and fought and he became a jerk some more. yes, after prom (we went together), he decided to flip the fuck out and scream at me and tell me he never wanted to talk to me again and didn't want to deal with me and that he was done. So, i take that to heart that he's done and try to move on. But Noooooooo, he has to call me up one day and tell me to call his friends cuz he got beat up and my parents yell at him and he yells at them and then i almost get kicked out. Well, no done with that bullshit. Don't care. He didn't care about me when he was ramming his dick into the other girls, and didn't care when he screamed at me and hurt my feelings, so why should i care?! Ya blah. I'm done...good rittens.... I'm graduating in like 3 days so ill be done with the drama bullshit. Now, i guess i'm ganna get iff here cuz its pissing me off...peace out


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