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Beautiful (beautiful04) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 22:41:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:Smilez n Southstar- Now That You're Gone

    What would I do without you?
    Soo, here's the big old huge update that I've been puttin off for 3 days, lol. Ok Start at square one:

    1. Jason came and talked to my parents last thursday and we're actually allowed to see eachother now...they laid down all these rules and shyt but its all good. I love him sooooo much.
    2. Definately ganna get into a fight with this stupid ass bitch from tech. She talks some serious shyt on anne and I but then wants to run and hide, stupid catty bitches.
    3. Well, my life is just greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Lol.

    I've been chillen with baby since Sunday and we're really good. We had a small fite tonite about him hangin out with Stuffme (thanks to anne he has a new name). I hate that kid with a passion, ew. He brings out the absolute worst in Jason. I told him that too. Its alright though cuz I still love him. But anyways, I gotta bounce and switch my laundry, Much loves.

    <3 always,
    Chyna Bitch

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