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Beautiful (beautiful04) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 19:54:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Phil Collins- True Colors

    Sorry I haven't been around to computer died on me and I was upset cuz I couldnt tell my daily happenings. But don't fear, Its up and running now, obviously ;-). So, today is Sunday...went out to Annie's house and picked her and Jill up and we cruised to the mall for a bit, was fun, then I took them home and returned to the mall. Met up with Sar, Stuffnuts, Heatherrrr, and Nella and chilled at the mall. We walked around admiring the nice display of corvettes and stuff set up throughout the mall. Then went to Arby's to use the potty and found Sar and them at the pet store playing with the puppies, awe. I dont want one though. Sar was telling me how the only dog we'll ever have is a pittbull like his baby that lives with his dad. Don't agree but hey, gotta have leverage somewhere rite? But when we were walkin back down towards the middle of the mall he pulled me into Littman Jewelers and was trying to find me a ring, *giggle*. We found some nice ones but it surprised me that he actually did that, I was never really sure that he wanted to get engaged but now i know for sure. I love him so much. He found a nice one that was platinum, cuz he only will buy platinum, and it had a huge 1.2 carat princess cut stone. He thought it was really pretty and we just sat there lookin at them and talkin to the lady about rings. Then on the way out he went into Kay's and found the one that he wants to buy me. And the whole thing is, I didn't say NOTHING, I didnt influence his actions either. The one he wants is 1.6 carats and its HUGE. I don't want it that big, but its his choice, his money. It was so cute, cuz the lady asked if we were gettin married and im like, um, no not yet. lol. Just finding a ring for our engagement which is sortof planned but I hope its a surprise that he does some time so I don't know. Anyway, we were sitting on the chairs talkin to the girl and she asked if it was going to be a long-term engagement and he's like, yea around 2-2/12 years. And im like, awe. She was like, where do you work and he's all like, haha I don't its my dad's money, cuz he's rich as fuck. Im like, good choice of words there babe. Anyway, all in all the whole day was good, he went to Stuff's house to fix his Dub and I hope it gets done tonite cuz tomorrow he can come talk to my dad. I hope with all my heart and soul that he lets us be together. I love Sar so much. Welp anyways, I gotta bounce. Much love always

    *<3 always*

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