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Beautiful (beautiful04) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 13:15:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:the music in my head FROM WORKING AT A 50's DINER!

    Abra-abra-cadabra...I wanna reach out and grab ya ;)
    Good song...kinda old but still good. You should download it.

    So my morning was spent working at the glorious diner once again just like every pitiful weekend in the past 3 months...but good news to me, ::pats on head:: i have off tomorrow, *YAY* But it is my sisters wedding, can't wait...i went shoppin for her present and i was SOO tempted to get her something baby oriented ::Aww:: I want a neice/nephew soon, i love babies ::giggle::

    Downloaded songs and burnt a cd, yes I am one of the millions of illegal MP3 shoot me. Blah. Im ganna end up dying one way or another so why not die for something I love. Yes, music, I love music.

    So i talked to my mom about gettin my lisence and she doesn't feel I am ready for it, blah suck that. I hate this. I wanna be able to drive myself to where-ever and stop depending on my family/friends...i hate it. So i made a few simple errors...BUT THERE WEREN'T SIGNS SAYING YOU CANNOT DRIVE UP THAT SIDE OF THE PARKING LOT. They need to specify, im sure im not the only one who did it...and the whole right turn on red, yeah, that should include turn LEFT on read too, cuz i am impatient...although that would defeat the purpose, but still. Maybe i should re-read the But anyways...I am blonde and I do think I should practice more, BUT OH OH OH! I parallel parked ON MY OWN ::go me go me:: Eat that one, hi-yah! ::snicker::

    Well i must go clean my bedroom, for in 3 days I will have another one of my lovely foster sister's in my room...aye. Toodles! Much Love

    <3 always,

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