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BeautfulDelusion (beautfuldlusion) wrote,
@ 2004-10-08 22:06:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:...aspen it is - someone has an ak

    ok so well its a friday and what am i doing sittlin home... GAY.. i know.. but i was sopose to go out with my "best" friend but i called her and she gave me the biggest attatude... i hate girls.. shes been pissing me off so much lately... idk mayb its just me but like little things are getting to me.. like me and her were sopose to go to out hs fb game and see what was goin on.. i mean its been a while since weve been there and then she was like oh caitys and me are going so i was like alright w/e i guess u and me aint goin no more.. she pisses me off like ill make plans with them and they are cool with it but when it comes to that day or the day b4 they dont wanna do it any more... i hate it soo much.... why do i even bother being friends with girls.. they suck ass... ihate them they all talk bout ppl behind thier backs and shit like y the fuck do ppl have to be so damn 2 faced.... but yeah i was also sopose to hang out with that guy in my last posting lol but that didnt happen and idk y... like idk y i dont wnna hang out with him.. i think if i do hell like me more and i wont like him and ill hurt him or like i will like him but ill still hate the way he looks and be shallow... like idk what to do... i think i should just give up on guys all together and just not bother... cuz theres always something in the way... like most of the time i like guys with g/f which i really try to stay away from... thats not cool... but i dunno what to do... but yeah im pissed so im gunna go drink :) by myself lol what fun....

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