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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 18:56:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:not any right now.. Seinfeld??

    and the rest of the day....
    well leaving for Frankenmuth in a day or two..
    school was alright.. Mr. Shull is going to be a way better teacher than Mr. Blume.
    Vikki wasnt at school.. so i didnt tell Hundey about the Nick convos... ha ha.. I need vikki for that.. no way was i gonna fly solo...
    yep.. thats about it.. vikki and me are going to tell him on monday after the holiday
    Dyed my hair and got it cut today.. yep.. beautiful if i must say so myself...
    oh convo with harry today ha ha.. he said I smelt like pot and i said 'no just cigarettes, but i dont smoke them' and he's like "You're a writer.. you have to smoke cigarettes' and i said well i dont and he said "well you are a writer so you have to start" or something like that LOL it was funny
    Oh yes.. harry has shoelaces that say "Sex Can Wait" on them.. he's going to give them to me! i am so excited! those will be so cool to have!!! how awesome is that??? Yes that makes me happy.. because I am a Barlow Girl.. lol.. and i just need to find a Barlow Boy!!! ha ha
    well gotta go..
    I wont be on for a while with the holiday and all.. so see ya....

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