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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 20:33:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:the clicking of the keyboard and the screams in my head!!!!!

    Nick Lebetz Doesn't run for president!!!!!!!!!! (that's so sad)
    Genius pure genius!!!!! Nick Lebetz just so totally IMed me!!!!!1 Yes genius!!!!!!! I feel so special LOL
    He IMed Vikki too!!! Go Vikki Go Vikki!!!!! Yes..

    me pirate go arg: whats a duck?
    PunkieDuckChick: hmm good question
    PunkieDuckChick: take a guess
    me pirate go arg: PunkieDuckChick: we will write Nick Lebetz in on ballots when we vote!!! ha ha

    me pirate go arg: whats up with this
    PunkieDuckChick: yeah that was me
    PunkieDuckChick: it was a joke with vikki
    PunkieDuckChick: because she is so totally obsessed with you!
    me pirate go arg: I'm the only person totally obsessed with me
    PunkieDuckChick: i will be sure to inform her of this immediately
    PunkieDuckChick: do you even know who i am??? lol
    me pirate go arg: no
    PunkieDuckChick: hmm you may have seen me before
    PunkieDuckChick: its true that i am the girl who job shadowed mr. hundey!
    PunkieDuckChick: if you recall that fine day

    yes the convo was short but it holds a place in my heart... Read Vikki's journal now!!!!! talk about this later I promise

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