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these exiled years (beatles4evr64) wrote,
@ 2005-07-02 11:41:00
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    Current mood: jealous
    Current music:dashboard ~ july

    " if it were up to me we'd have everything we need, you'd have me and i'd have you"
    well... its bad.. down right good for a few minutes but then its just i dont know i cant describe it... just one thing will make me better.. like a drug... yeah im like an addict.. i need my fix.. well mayb in this case a constant I.V. or ya know like a morphene (sp?) drip .. except what i need is sarah.. yeah just a constant hourly dosage of the grl i cant live with out would make living through this summer that much better....
    ok enough of that then...
    last nite was kool and random.. ended up haning out with jessie and her friend monica they called me at ten and i wieghed my options... boredom and sulking.. or a chance to salvage the social aspect of my summer...
    so i went .. and i must say me and jessi make quite the comic pair... basically all we did was surf face book and make fun of peoples webshots.. o this was all after breaking into bellvue (sp?) park to visit thier horse... eww yeah saw a rat... me and rodent are no longer friends after i found a dead mouse in my yeah..
    but yeah it was quite funny at times..
    " EWWWW" " ugh" ( us lookin at pictures of naughty franny)
    " how many people are named franny of course its her"
    " eww that grl has like swollen jay leno face syndrome"
    i had som great line when i first got there... jessie said it was the funniest ever.. but i cant remember it...
    but i did promise this line would be in here...
    " i even have a band its gonna be called... my new found brand new chemical dashboard flogging drokick fall out BOUY"
    o o o and
    " charles A HOMAN!"
    sigh but alas.. i still miss my grl throughout it all.. life isnt fair

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