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Bumblebee Tuna (beastofburden) wrote,
@ 2004-11-01 10:40:00
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    Creepy Dream
    I'm mighty tired. My attempts to sleep were ruined by my cat, class scheduling, and creepy dreams. Urgh. I'm about to go shower now that I have no more time to spare to nap. *sigh*

    My dream....well, I was at this resturant and it was all fine. I hung out there for awhile. Then I returned later with my boyfriend.....they were supposed to be closed, but we found the door unlocked. So, we entered. We sat down at a booth. I think we went there to makeout in a forbidden type place or something. You know how these horror things occur. Well we were at a booth, when someone came around the corner and scared the hell out of us. It was the owner or manager or something. His clothing was a little ripped. He didn't look mad at us being there...just freaked out. He was asking how come we didn't notice. I said "Notice what?" He led us around the corner and we saw the whole end half of the resturant was filled with just bodies of customers and employees a like. They were all dead with torn clothing and blood coating the floor. At first I thought the manager went mad and killed everyone...but he explained that someone had been in there. Someone had killed all these people...and for some reason let him live. He didn't see this person...just the shadow...and heard the horrible screams. At first he was afraid we were the killers and had returned for them. He quickly put this to rest when he saw us...explaining, you could "feel" the evil from the person that did it.

    So, my bf and I left the resturant. He started to drive me home. I was glancing out the window and saw that red shirts, jackets, and assorted clothing lay everywhere. It was spread across the bushes, sprawled across the landscape, it was all I could see on the grass for miles. I became alarmed and pointed it out. My bf and I put together from this that the killer was killing anyone sporting red clothing...epecially jackets. I looked down at my own jacket. It was red and black plaid. I started to unzip it. My bf said, "Yeah, better get rid of it now." I removed it and tossed it out the window....saying I never liked it much anyway. I tried to get him to remove was red as well. He said something like, "But, I'm chilly right now...I really like this's the only one I have..." and "It will be fine."

    He dropped me off at my place. I saw him turn his coat inside out. It was black on the otherside and happened to be reversible. He showed me to comfort me. Then he left, driving back to his house. Then I got a camera view of him in driving in his car. The corner of his jacket has turned up, exposing a red flap. Then the view flashed to the bushes. A woman in a dark outfit and cloak stood there surrounded in the red clothing and smiling as she watched my bf's vehicle pass.

    Then my alarm went off. It made me very concerned about my bf as well. *sigh* Damn creepy dream. Well, I need to get ready for class.


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