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Aileen (beansprout) wrote,
@ 2004-12-14 13:24:00
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    Current mood:chillaxin
    Current music:Snow Patrol ~*Run*~

    Wow...Looking back on where my life has taken me since last writing here is serious crazyness. I'm currently a 20 year old semi-happily married college drop out who lives with her baby son and beer bellied husband in the lovely Two Oaks Trailer Home community...............JK :)

    No, but seriously, my life has changed quite a bit. I'm still at Berkeley, but not in the dorms anymore. Remember that awesome skank McKenna? haha yeah the two of us, and a new girl Jamie got our own place. It's nothing too exciting...just a little townhome, but it's ours :)

    I don't work at the club anymore. One night I just looked around and realized it wasn't for me. The rude comments, the sluts, the guys who obviously aren't there to engage in intellectual's just not so much my scene anymore. Don't get me wrong......McKenna and I still hit up the clubs, still dance in the VIP sections, still wear the crazy outfits...but not as much anymore. For awhile there, that was my life. Now, it's only if I'm in the mood.

    I do have a lovely job though...I'm a server at Outback. It doesn't pay that much, but it's amazing how much one smiley girl can earn in tips each night. My coworkers are fantabulous, and I'm just very happy here.

    Let's see what else...I'm a terrible daughter/sister as I haven't been back to Chicago since this summer. Thanksgiving I spent at Robyn's adorable condo.....which did I mention is 2 blocks from the ocean??? Yup, you know I was surfing every day. Robyn and Jake are still together. They seriously were made for eachother. I love going down to good ol' SD and chilling with them. I'll prolly stay at Robyn's for most of this summer. Socal is just where I'm supposed to be. I can't describe the feeling I get being down there.

    Finals started today...I already had my Calc final bright and early this morning at 8. So now I'm unwinding with some hot chocolate <3 Anyways, I'm finished with finals on Monday, so then I'm headed to Chicago. I'm excited....I haven't seen my girls and guys in forever. I get back later than everyone else, so the night I'm in is our famouse HOT TUB PARTY woo woo! Jen's house has the best hottubbing around (besides my old house *tear*).

    The family is doing well. A couple of my brothers are popping out wedding rings and babies. It's crazy stuff. Ryan's still attempting to start a snowboarding career. Meagan's still at U of I and strutting her hawt stuff with her sorority.

    Ummmmmmmmmm I can't think of much else to say? I'm kinda itching to fill one of those survey things out again. But I think I'll hold back this time.

    Don't know if this will ever be updated again...just felt like checking in with the people who used to read this. If I'm extremely bored up in Chi, don't you worry, I'll give you plenty to read.

    Later Gators

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