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Aileen (beansprout) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 15:55:00
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    It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!
    When I woke up (rather late...1 pm) and looked out my window, the entire lake in the backyard is covered in snow, as is the entire ground...and we aren't just talking a little bit of snow. Oh no, there's a good couple inches. Supposedly we are going to get 10. That would be great, but we all know how Tom Skilling (weatherman) likes to exaggerate.

    Robyn and Jake are here, so as soon as we woke up we put on a ton of clothes, made a few phone calls, grabbed some sleds, and headed over to Sunset Meadows...those are the hills Walter Payton used to run...hehe I run them too. The place was packed...and not with like little kids. It was crawling with college students LOL. Most graduates of Viators. I got wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many facefuls of snow. And get was Jake's first time EVER seeing snow!!!!!!!! It was so cute. Robyn and I have gone sledding and skiing together before so she knows what it's all about.

    Jen's little brother came with...oh my gosh I haven't seen him since I left to go live in Cali senior year. So it's been a little over a year. He's soooooooooooo big. I love little kids, I can't wait to have my own. I helped him build a snowman and then we made snow angels together :) I wish I had a little sibling :/ That little Alex though, man Jen he's going to be a little pimp, he's adorable.

    Ok so that was today, but the past week has been good too :) Jake and Robyn got in yesterday, so we went out to dinner and played video games for the rest of the night. Jake and Ryan get along really well *rolls eyes* Apparently they are doing "man stuff" tomorrow night...I have no clue what that means, but I'm glad I'm not included. But that's ok, Robyn and I will go see a movie and shop :)

    New Years Eve was really great :) Mike is such a nice guy. My dress was AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING! Seriously the best little black dress I've ever worn. But anyways, he's a really funny guy. I made a complete ass out of myself though...we were talking about fish, because when he picked me up he noticed our big wall of saltwater fish. Well somehow those vacuum cleaner fish with freshwater tanks were brought up. Now I have issues with those fish. We used to have one, and it sucked on 2 of my fish and killed them. So when he went after the third, I flushed him...he was still alive, but oh well. I was telling Mike about this...the 2 fish he killed were named Bubbles (for the funny looking bubbles on his cheeks) and F'ugly (he was really ugly). Well, I told him about how Hoover (the vacuum fish) started sucking on F'ugly...but what I ended up saying was that Hoover started Fucking on S'ugly. He just started laughing, oh my gosh I didn't want to talk the rest of the night lol. But it was cool...a good icebreaker. And yes ladies.........not only does he have goodlooks, and great charm...he's one hell of a kisser. So yeah, he gave me his #...he already has mine from my brother. We are supposed to hang out sometime this week. He's a nice guy :)

    Our house is going to be listed right after the wedding I guess. So I don't know if her children are going to come live here with us or what the plan is. It doesn't make much difference to me though b/c Robyn and Jake and I have been talking...we think we're going to get an apartment together. We'll get a 3 bedroom, somewhere around San Diego, close to the beach. That way, Robyn can commute to school, Jake is close to work, and I'll have a place to stay in the summers and on breaks. I'll pay rent year round. I'm really excited about this. Robyn and I should seriously be interior designers for like people our age, because we have amazing ideas. I'm really stoked for this summer. I'll officially be a Californian.

    I'm supposed to work with a new photographer for modeling before I go back to school. Jen uses him a lot. I was looking through her pictures the other night, oh my gosh. This guy is really good. There was a lot of semi-nude stuff, which I guess she's comfortable with now, which is cool...she's hawwwt :) I don't know if I want to do semi-nude...I think I would as long as it is sensual, not sexual. You know like shadows and stuff...not just raunchy. We will see.

    I think this is going to be a great year. The end of '03 just put a lot of stress on me between Dad having a g/f, Dad getting engaged, finals, stuff Jen told me about a certain person and obsessions. But everything is turning out ok, so I'm a lot more relaxed :)

    I think this will turn out to be a great year!!!

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