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Aileen (beansprout) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 23:22:00
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    Home sweet home
    I'm home!!! Boy does it feel good :) My sister picked me up from the airport last night and we've been chilling ever since. As soon as we got home 10 people or so came over and we all jumped in the hot tub. Ahhh it was like old times. I like it how everyone has gained weight at college except for my crappy sister who LOST weight. What's up with that? I've gained weight but lost boobs...only me.

    Today was thanksgiving...happy turkey day btw :) Agnes went home for the holidays so we were on our own cooking hahahaha. Meagan and I are amazing chefs :) Although let me tell you Aidan makes a fucking incredible pumpkin pie...I'm eating a piece now :) My cousins are getting so big! They turned a year old recently...I'm going to put pictures on here of them some time.

    So then right in the middle of dinner my Dad's beeper goes off and big fat surprise...he has to go in to the hospital. That's nothing unusual, he normally ends up working thanksgiving, xmas, and new years eve with all the accidents that go on and stuff. It does make me sad at times. My childhood was kinda fucked up because of my workaholic parents, but I guess what's why we have Agnes right?

    Anyways inspeaking of pictures and my childhood, Meagan and I found a ton of baby pictures of us when we were still in Ireland and brother was seriously the cutest child. I'm going to scan them all onto my computer later this weekend and I will post for your viewing pleasure...just don't laugh at me :/

    Tomorrow at 5:15 Meagan, Cara, and I are heading out into the crazy shopping world :) My ultimate goal is to get all my Xmas shopping done tomorrow so I don't have to shop out in Cali and bring stuff on the plane. We will see how that goes. It's always nice when you have money to spend and a reason to shop :)

    I talked to Peter today and we are going to do some photoshoots this Saturday. I'm really excited. I haven't done any portfolio work for awhile so we're going to do some of that..I haven't shot with him since I moved out to Cali a year ago. It will be nice to catch up.

    Well I think that's all I really have to say. Oh wait no I have more. The Britney Spears cd fucking rules. I'm not a fan of her (well other than her abs) but my sister has been playing it and it's growing on me. Definitely some good dance music...which you know Meags knows all about :)

    Ok I'm off to hottub again. Now I have to decide.......white bikini or pink? hehe.

    P.S. Chris I got your email and I will reply tomorrow most likely. I haven't checked my email for the past few days so I wasn't ignoring it I promise!!!

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