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//*LuCi0uZ BaBii*\\ (baybiephat) wrote,
@ 2005-09-09 15:56:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:"Shake You Off"-Mariah Carey

    *Mind's made up*
    Heylo =) I've been lazy updatin this thing..but i've also been BUSY! College is started n' it's goin pretty well actually. If I keep the good work up, hopefully I'll get a 2.0 n' get off academic probation. In addition to that, my mom said that i could get a student loan n' get a dorm next semester..but we'll see what she thinks when the time comes. There's not really a whole lot that's happened in my life lately lol. Ummmm...Well i mite be gettin a new job soon =) I applied at a bank in August, had the interview, but they didn't call i assumed i didn't get it. Well i got this call on Wednesday from their human resource office askin if I would get online to take an assessment. I thought it was jus like a survey or sumthin so i was like "whatever". Well come to find out, they use it in their hiring they are still thinking about hiring me; and they've already got a good reference for me so i guess that's good. I do want the job...but then i dont :-/ i have my pros n' cons........
    I'm kinda tryna change things (well i guess you can say "people") in my life as well. People know me as being...well you should know lol..and honestly i think I could better myself WAY more. SoO i've decided that i need to cut it off with some of the guys i talk to. I really dont want to..but i'm not gonna be used and be hurt if something doesn't go my way. I try to give certain guys a chance n' they turn around n' act like assholes. I respect myself a HELL of alot better than that n' i just haven't been realizing it. I don't want people to form a bad opinion of me cuz i'm not like that at all, at least not anymore lol. I just need to concentrate on school, my job, and preparing myself for whatever may come my way. Yeah, i'm still gonna "have fun"...but it's just that the guys i talk to need to go. I wanna meet someone who wants to know more about Whitney..not her pet kitty lol...Get me? Not only that, but i miss being close to the people i was so close to like a year ago. Some of it's me i guess, but my friends DO come before bros and i'll never forget that =)
    Today hasn't been much so far. I don't have class til 10 so i spent the morning studying for my Sociology exam. I went to Math, ate lunch with Crystal, then took my Sociology exam which was fairly easy. Afterwards, I had Economics w/Crystal..left n' went to my gparents'..and here i am. I'm off tonight so I'm guessing i'll be going somewhere with my mom..hopefully to El Rancheros!!!! :-) Well i will definitely update tomorrow...Much <3 Always!

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