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//*LuCi0uZ BaBii*\\ (baybiephat) wrote,
@ 2005-06-12 19:43:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:"Touch"-Omarion

    *LONG weekend!*
    I know I havent updated all weekend..but it's been real crazy...
    FRIDAY-- I cleaned for most of the day and then around 530, i met up with Zach at Megan's. We waited until she got ready n' headed to some guys' house and then to Zach's for the nite. He had this cRaZy party that, to tell you the truth, i dont remember part of lol. I was sooo messed up! I rememba bein outside with everyone drinkin n' doin "some otha things"..then i got up to go in the house and i like blacked out lol. I woke up n' everyone was gone inside except for Zach n' Megan and that's when I went out of control lol. The rest of the nite i was doin ALL kinds of crazy shit n' i dont even rememba half of the shyt i did............

    SATURDAY-- That morning was a fuckin bitch! I had my cell set to ring @ 815am cuz i had a meetin for work @ 9..but my mom fuckin called me @ 745 to ask me sumthin, and my head was hurtin like i jus got up around 8 and left Zach's. I still felt real high n' i didnt even know how to get from Martinsburg to his house, so i hadda find my way there. I found it ok tho like 10 minutes lata lol. I got there, sat in the parkin lot for like 15 minutes cuz i felt like SHIT. My headache went away once the meetin started tho. There wasnt a whole lot said; but Mike told us that he's gonna be puttin his 2weeks notice in prolly tomorrow[Monday] cuz he was offered a PT job that makes EXCELLENT money. I'm really happy for him cuz that's what he wants to do; but the store will not be the same. As a matter a fact, I'm prolly gonna start/continue lookin for a new job + hopefully i'll be able to give my 2weeks. I love my job n' everything..but things are gonna be different when he leaves n' people will prolly be fired left n' right. I've jus decided that instead of puttin up with BULLSHIT n' sayin "the wrong thing"[when it'll prolly be the truth] to get fired, i'm jus gonna go ahead n' quit...Who knows tho :-/ I came home n' tried to sleep but jus couldn't..So I went to McD's to get somethin to eat n' stopped by DQ to get a drink and Mike jus happened to be workin. He asked what i thought about him leavin but i didn't give my honest opinion :-/ I left there, came home, n' got ready for work. We were BUSY! Afterwards, I went to Applebee's w/Fruit n' Usher. We were there for awhile jus talkin about all this shit at work..It's cRaZy rite now.

    SUNDAY-- Virginia told me to come in early, since i was scheduled 11-4, to do my windows..but I was just too tired to come in n' do them. But of course, as soon as i got there i had to do them. Other than that, work went jus peachy i guess. Me n' Alexis were talkin about "the situation" and she feels the EXACT way I do. Let me put it to you this way: Everytime I walk in that door, i am at fear of being called into the office or bein fired. YEAH. That's how bad it is and i am sO scared i am next! I jus HOPE i find a reasonable job soon that will give me flexible hours[if u have any ideas, let me know!]

    Well I'm gettin sick of typin all of this cuz i think u get my main point lol. *MuCh LuV*

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