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Jess (baybeedolljess) wrote,
@ 2004-09-25 21:01:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Cher-Believe

    Jenny's Birthday Party..
    Jenny's party, only 3 showed. Sad, or what? I feel so bad! I'm glad I, Jill *J.D.B*, Hollie *H.C*, Amber *Crazy Man*, and Erica *Rae-Rae* showed. Well, Jill and me are her sisters, Erica and Hollie are our neighbors and Amber spent the night. We all got a ride from my mom. So, yeah. But, we went on go-karts! I love racing people. Hehe, I ran Jenny off the road, oops. I cut her off, we were racing each other and I love winning and cutting people off, then I slammed on my brakes, it was a really twisty turny coarse, and Jenny slammed on hers causing Amber to hit her and Jenny spun around four times. I thought it was funny. Amber spun around once or twice. I can't remember. Erica and I were going to drag race, but it was closed. What a drag! Lol, I'm crazy. Jenny got a drumset, shes only been wanting one since like forever! I broke the pinata, it was shapped like lipstick. Ooh, yeah; Jill and Hollie's double seater car and Jenny and Amber's went really slow. Erica and I had singles that went really fast, so we'd slow down let them passthen we'd slam on our gas pedals and fly right by them! It was so funny. They would start screaming at us. They could barely see over the wheel!! Lol, times a thousand! Well, I'm sleepy. So, bye!!!!


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