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Ryan (bats_bullets) wrote,
@ 2004-05-24 00:05:00
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    Current mood:creative
    Current music:One Piece opening

    So many things to do , there's just one thing that I'd spend my time on ...
    Yeah. Things right now ... I thought summer would be awesome, but it's turning into a suck fest. Well not really it's just ... I want to yeah. I want something, I can't have it anymore, or can I ? I don't even know. I started using some inks the other day for drawing. I used quilts, fine pens, and brushes which is awesome. I got more ink all over my room than on the paper. I set a goal for myself to have 5 pages of a comic book or illustration penciled and inked and it's already the end of monday. I've done nothing so far.... WHAT PROGRESS I'M MAKING. I should start smaller.... *Sigh* I miss her, I hope she miss's me and wants to be friends still.

    Other side note ... CONCERNTS. A shit load of them two. There's Hellfest coming up. I wasn't a big fan but The Misfits are playing along with The Bronx, Andrew W.K., and Folly. There's also a skateboarding, a tattoo convention ( maybe I'll get one !!! ), and paintball. It's July 23 - 25th ( All this information was given me provided by my friend Chris G. )

    Murder By Death is playing soon June 6th and 7th I think either at Maxwell's and/or the Knitting Factory I havn't found out yet for sure ... I'm to lazy to get the real info.

    MY CHEMCIAL ROMANCE JUNE 11th. Nothing more needs to be said.

    OTHER news I need to work more. Unlike how I thought I wasn't going to have any free time at all. I have more free time than I need. Things suck for the cash flow but they're better than before. Credit cards are evil. If there's something 20 dollars I think "hrm it's not THAT much" than I realized I said that last week about something else which was 20 dollars and the week before that ... and so on. DUR.

    This post was long. I think I'll end it. UPDATE LATER.

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